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Heritage for the Holidays

MotivMfg x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR, Iron Heart, Andersen-Andersen, Gitman Vintage, Shockoe Atelier


Collaborations and Releases with MotivMfg, Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, Andersen-Andersen, Gitman Vintage, and Shockoe Atelier

To close out the year we’ve got one last release of super specialty goods with collaborations and select seasonally appropriate pieces from MotivMfg, Iron Heart, Dehen 1920, Andersen-Andersen, Gitman Vintage, and Shockoe Atelier that are great for late lists and gifts to self. Let’s be honest, most of us are apprehensive to put the things we’re interested in on gift lists, be it the futile activity of explaining cost vs value, how special the piece is, or the required immediacy of purchase due to the limited nature of the goods we hunt. So, we just end up buying most of this stuff for ourselves after tiring from those conversations and to ensure we don’t miss out on X, Y, or Z. However, just as gifts to others should be considered, we only want to make the splurge on self over the holidays if the item is special and won’t be seen again. With that in mind, we present a curation of limited run goods in a seasonally themed palette with purpose to ensure your holiday can be filled with happiness and heritage goods.

Outstanding outerwear pieces are something for which we all have a weakness. Both our MotivMfg x DR Swiss Army Officer Coat in the Fox Brothers® British Warm Churchill Overcoating Cloth and the new Iron Heart Olive M-51 Field Coat are so impressive that, whether the need is there or not, you really have to get one. Stylish, durable, and packed with detailing, these complex coats are so well designed they in fact look simple. One could do internet reconnaissance for years and not find finer examples of garments evolved for a character rich, contemporary wardrobe while being inspired by, and built to endure, the battlefield.

In a year filled with plenty of special collaboration collections with Dehen 1920, we bring you one last series with the Wax Pack. These Crissman Overshirts and the N-1 Deck Jacket embody our trademark formula of taking signature styles and transforming them into exceptional exclusives through enhancement of every element. By sourcing from the last US manufacturer of waxed canvas, we bring you outerwear pieces that will combat hostile conditions in the naval grade Martexin Original® Waxed Sailcloth, made fully resistant to weather and the wilds in an approachable 7 oz. dry / 9.5 oz waxed weight that is equally structured and flexible.

Expedited shipping deadlines are upon us: We’re on the eve of the final weekend before the push to get these goods under the tree gets real, and we have a quadruplet of quality pieces relatable enough to put on a list, and in sufficient quantities that may allow those slow to click enough time to pick. No one can argue with getting an Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannel made in a complex Ombre Check with Aspero Cotton yarns, a Japanese loomed High-Density Twill Gitman Vintage Check, a hand-linked Andersen-Andersen Half Zip Sweater made with an extra spun yarn out of fleece sheared Patagonian Merino wool, or a Shockoe Field Trouser coming in a rare Khaki Selvedge Canvas cloth from Kuroki Mills.

Unless, that is, they don’t grasp what any of that means, which we must admit is often and understandably the case, for better or worse. At their request of what do you want, you can always try again by sending the link, texting persistently to see if they got it yet, and if they don’t respond within an hour, do what we all normally do… buy it ourselves and ask for cash or a gift card instead.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

In another year of years, we extend our gratitude to all of you who supported us and in so doing, our vendors, partners, and families. We’ve made some big changes this year and were only afforded that opportunity with our client’s loyalty and enthusiasm for Division Road to continue the journey of evolving for the future with a timeless sensibility. We are deeply honored to have developed rich relationships with so many and are regularly humbled by your affirmations. Thank you. We wish you and your families a holiday season filled with wonder, happiness, love, and exceptional goods.

Holiday Schedule

In the coming weeks, we will be closing the shop for some extended periods to allow our team to enjoy a piece of the holiday season hunkered down with loved ones, and to recharge for a New Year of possibilities and progression. Please be aware that during these periods, there will be a break from our normally prompt responses and fulfillment, and we will be back to normal days, hours, and operations on January 4th.

Closed for Christmas: December 23rd - 25th
Closed for New Year's: December 30th - January 3rd