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White’s x DR, Studio D’Artisan, Momotaro, Iron Heart


Collaborations and Releases with White’s, Studio D’Artisan, Momotaro, and Iron Heart

This week, we bring you a bottom-to-top selection of super-special and signature pieces designed to patina, made by the best-in-class vertical producers of authentic heritage goods. This collection of modern workwear designs crafted with traditional durability includes CF Stead-enhanced White’s collaborations, exceptional Studio D’Artisan shirting for regular rotation, restocks on our favorite Momotaro fits and fabrics, and is finalized with the 21 oz. Signature from Iron Heart in the beloved 888 and iconic 634 fits. As the temps remain cold and storms precarious, look for items that require those ideal break-in conditions to set patina directions firmly in place. These pieces are made for enthusiasts but are good for any guy to go from tempest to tavern with graceful grit.

White’s x Division Road CF Stead MPM1

Make no mistake, our White’s collaborations are as custom and limited as possible, including sourcing the leathers, having exclusive patterns and stitching configurations, hand-welt color combinations, and signature collab stampings. Our MPM1 is a perfect example of details outside the norm that channel modern menswear with a true hand-grade nature. Using specialty leather articles from Charles F. Stead secured solely for our make-ups, we bring you a full and final restock on the Sepia Brown Buckingham MPM1 and a new Stone Rambler MPM1.

These leathers from CF Stead are designed to patina — subtle and sophisticated on the Sepia Brown Buckingham and rough and dramatic on the Stone Rambler. Using the MP Last in an E Width, these MPM1s have shared specifications of a triple-stitched cap toe and a single continuous counter, oxidized eyelets, and a Natural CXL hand welt to correspond to a natural leather midsole atop a Vibram 430 Mini Lug sole to give a commanding, casual disposition to this modern classic with a sleek profile and design.

Studio D’Artisan | Momotaro | Iron Heart

From some of Japan’s best vertical yarn-to-garment producers, we have an assembly designed to develop a patina uniquely your own that balances distinctive fabric properties in precise fits with enhanced heritage detailing that allows you to don on the daily. Studio D’Artisan brings us shirting using ancient hand-dyeing techniques with natural indigofera plant and binroji nut pigments for denim, flannel, and sashiko cloth pieces that profoundly balance the present and past.

Momotaro comes with a full restock on all our modern leaning Natural Tapered, High Tapered, and Tight Tapered cuts in the famed 15.7 oz. Vintage Indigo and Indigo x Black selvedge denims with rope-dyed recipes using hand-cultivated organic Zimbabwe cotton, resulting in amazing fades and conformed, long-lasting fits. From Iron Heart, we have the heavyweight champion 21 oz. Signature selvedge denim in the classic and inspired 888 High Tapered and 634 Straight Tapered for vintage-inspired cuts that provide structured drape and durability for the workshop and the sock hop.