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Preserve & Persist Release

Private White x DR, Gitman Vintage x DR, Andersen-Andersen


Division Road

Collaborations and Releases with Private White VC, Gitman Vintage, and Andersen-Andersen

This week, we bring you a spring forward release filled with exclusive collaborations from our favorite manufacturing brands known for their premium productions. As we work to maintain the vitality of our niche and treasured producers, from the Manchester masters of outerwear, to one of the last true family-owned shirting makers in the United States, and the Danish designed naval grade luxury knitwear brand that goes to Italy for the finest specialists in their category, let's do what we can to keep these esteemed companies moving forward.

  • Division Road Preserve & Persist Release
  • Gitman Vintage x Division Road
  • Gitman Vintage x Division Road

Taking on what we can to execute with excellence, and since we have a penchant for illustrative alliterations, this week we think it's important to focus on producers who preserve and persist with pride in their products. With the crisis, outbreak, and events of the day, let's continue to look forward by reflecting on, and learning from the past. Our collaborations with these manufacturing brands that produce enduring heritage goods with a sense of progress are the backbone of our business along with what we believe to be true: Purchase things that last, once, made by people who take pride in their craft, and the noble souls of those sturdy garments will live on.

Division Road

Division Road Private White VC

Private White VC x Division Road

We are pleased to present a rare series of functionally fitting Archive Harrington jackets, cut and sewn with tailored precision in the venerable Ventile®, intended to weather the elements as our exclusive all-season icon. Straight from the Private White armory of refined patterns, the Archive Harrington can safely be declared the best in its class. Thus, this season's collaboration Archive Ventile® Harrington comes in Olive, Charcoal, and Royal for a freshly made, completely waterproof cotton classic that can be worn year-round, carrying you through every downpour, both dry and fly. Designed as a staple style piece with longevity in mind, each Archive Harrington excels in yet another Private White x DR collection of carefully constructed, timeless pieces for the elevated ensemble.

Division Road

Division Road Gitman

Gitman Vintage x Division Road

In a truly exciting collaboration collection with Gitman Vintage, we introduce our Print Revival Series, appropriately timed to tell the creative resurrection tale of Gitman Bros by Chris Olberding with the now dominant Vintage line. Gitman has been known for their distinct approach of reproducing patterns from their archives in premium fabrications, but a signature innovative direction has been the design and use of prints that encapsulate the season's palette and theme. To hallmark this rebirth story of one of America's last shirt makers, we selected some limited bolt Pin-Up patterns and a new Japanese Tora Tiger print to create tastefully fun shirts that celebrate this maker's past while remaining present. 

Gitman Vintage Division Road

Preserve & Persist Release Division Road

Gitman Vintage

Further, there are a few more prints upon prints to really hammer home the Gitman Vintage story with some playful pieces made for spring, summer and beyond, conveying a global seasonal theme. As we (hopefully) come together around the world, there is the hyper relevant atlas-inspired All Mapped Out, beautiful buxom baseball bat Swingers boasting American vintage style, a vivid waxed print that communicates brilliance in an Africa Floral pattern, and a Guido Crepax graphic Playing With Picasso design with erotic and comic artwork. Keep the Gitman Vintage tradition alive with these purposeful prints that have a story to tell, while balancing a spring and summer that are not quite so serious, stylistically speaking.

Division Road Andersen Andersen

Division Road


For the finest luxury knitwear made to naval and military grade standards, Andersen-Andersen brings us another host of hearty GOTS Certified Organic Cotton pieces using their exclusive extra-spun, extra long staple yarns. For those who have discovered the dutiful medium weight 12-gauge knit Polos, we have them back in both short and long sleeves to give you full seasonal and style versatility. Showing that consideration of collection additions reigns supreme, Andersen-Andersen brings us a perfected double-pique knit Harbour Jacket with a workwear background in a design that we envision a Copenhagen sailor wearing while on the dock surveilling the horizon, waiting for his ship to come in.