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Pillars of Heritage

Ten C, Dehen 1920 x DR, Iron Heart


Collaborations and Releases with Ten C, Dehen 1920, and Iron Heart

This week, we have a broad collection that represents the core trilogy of military, moto, and workwear inspirations in heritage goods. One of the tenets associated with the commodities in which we specialize is to design and make pieces better than they used to be and this curation from Iron Heart, Ten C, and Dehen 1920 typifies the results from best-in-class manufacturing brands that look to advance historical influences into garments for the modern heritage enthusiast. For garments this refined and hardwearing, deep consideration and effort is exercised at every stage from developing and sourcing fabrics to producing and refining patterns, ensuring a consistently high level of craftsmanship is achieved in each step of manufacturing. Given this framework, from denim to outerwear and everything in between, this craft collection was inspired by top-performing gear on the battlefields, roadways, and factory floors of the past, with aesthetic and technical advancements for the vintage-inspired outdoorsman, foreign traveler, and city dweller of the present.

Ten C

Ten C comes with another cut-to-order collection for Division Road, appropriate for mountain to Main Street adventures with several of our signature styles in the Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ). Featuring new and versatile colors with an Olive Cyclone Parka and the Espresso Tempest Anorak that are weather-proof shells with daily utility, these essentials are paired with the convertible Brown Shearling and Charcoal Down Vest Liners that can be worn on their own or matched up for combating the full-fledged winter cold, all complemented with a new OJJ Cargo Pant destined for duty.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Dehen 1920 delivers an assembly of Division Road collaborations made for warm wandering with a final run of remakes using our deadstock, specially sourced UK wool cloths in the Forest Green Check Harris Tweed on the new, DR-developed Harrison Jacket pattern and an indispensable Dark Olive Twill Fox Brothers Tweed Crissman Overshirt, paired with two knitwear staples adapted with the hyper-considered Division Road approach to the new Loden Submariner Knit Jacket and Tobacco Knit Chore 2.0.

Iron Heart

Iron Heart gives us a full ensemble of modern cuts made for vintage moto life with the treasured 49J Split Steerhide Roughout Modified Type III in both Black and Brown for a staple, hardwearing flesh-side jacket, a new 114J Black Oiled Chore Jacket adapted from workwear for a daily ride-or-die outerwear staple, the new and seasonal 334-RED Classic Check Ultra Heavy Flannel for another iteration of the finest and most robust UHF example you’ll find, and a much anticipated full restock of the High-Rise Tapered 888 fit in opposing 21 oz. and 14 oz. weights of the Signature Selvedge Denims.