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Craft Not Crap

Crockett & Jones x DR, Bates x DR, National Athletic Goods x DR, Reigning Champ, Andersen-Andersen, Chup



Collaborations and Releases with Crockett & Jones, Bates Hats, National Athletic Goods, Reigning Champ, Andersen-Andersen, and Chup

This week, we bring our annual Black Friday soap-box cry to “Buy Craft, Not Crap” with a focus on giftable goods that are more centerpieces than afterthoughts, as a direct response to this days’ notoriety for coercion towards conspicuous consumption. From Crockett & Jones, Bates Hats, National Athletic Goods, Reigning Champ, Andersen-Andersen, and Chup, we present a curated collection of quality across categories from head to toe, at their fair and normal price, to mitigate the madness derived from sifting through the dizzying deluge of discounts on disposable goods. Thankfully, we cater to those who value craftsmanship with a buy-once mentality, inform others about the benefit of building a wardrobe by procuring quality heritage goods, and stick to those tenets whether it be the holiday season or not. While we are preaching to the craft-enthused choir and every year we have this Black Friday release to reiterate our position, this year we’ve created a collection that serves both categories of the gift to self and fulfillment of those hyper-linked wish lists with considered purchases everyone can and should feel good about for the holiday and far beyond.

Starting at the foundation of a wardrobe with footwear, we are pleased to present the Bronze & Slate Pack collaboration collection with Crockett & Jones. Using our favorite 378 Last, Ridgeway Sole, and three patterns in the Coniston, Indiana, and Moray, we’ve created a military-inspired, outdoor-focused assembly for the gentleman who wants refinement and utility in goods that are made to last.

For the perfect gifts or to get comfy amid the changing of the seasons, we present our proud Canadian corps of Reigning Champ and National Athletic Goods that specialize in hard-wearing luxury basics. Whether it be a modern approach with RC, or the vintage-inspired NAG, this collection will complement any wardrobe informed by quality and style.

Then, we have an arsenal of accessories with Bates Caps, Andersen-Andersen beanies and scarves, and Chup socks for our winter warriors who take pride in gearing up for the cold with exquisite wardrobe essentials from our battery of the best.