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Neo-Industrial Uniform

MotivMfg x DR


MotivMfg x Division Road Collaborations

For those looking for the next generation of heritage, we present a pre-fall release with our favorite collaborating conspirators, MotivMfg. This four-piece neo-classic ensemble combines English spy style from the Cold War era that bridges the channel to a French postindustrial Navy worker uniform. Our hallmark work with MotivMfg holistically reimagines historical garments down to the thread in a cohesive unit of commanding and exclusive patterns to provide a new and timeless uniform for our hardworking style soldiers.

This collection utilizes MotivMfg’s proprietary Black Herringbone Twill Selvedge Denim as an elegantly hardened backbone to a new French Shipyard Type 1 and Denim Work Trouser paired with our English Dress Work Vest and topped off with a Marling & Evans Wool/Linen P60 Combat Jacket. This is another cross-cultural project that reinforces our far east alliance with MotivMfg and their revival of a traditional European pattern-to-bespoke garment workshop in Beijing that gives life to anatomical design sensibilities with turn-of-the century craftsmanship and processes.