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Shinki Horsehide Shelby Sharp

Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaboration

Launching our new era with the first release in Charlottesville, Virginia, we bring you what very well may be the last of the Shelby Sharps, and it’s as gritty and gorgeous as it gets. If you’re a follower of this illusive Peaky Blinder inspired series, you may know a couple of facts: First, in order to relate to the Horse-racing gangster storyline of Thomas Shelby, we always use a limited batch horse hide, which also means we only do each Shelby make-up as a single release due to the small lot and prolonged tanning processes. In short, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Second, we’re always thinking of a story within a story to direct a make-up for the next tale to be told of Thomas, and how this underworld boss would employ each Shelby Sharp collaboration. For our final chapter of this legendary style, we conclude with a ride off into the English countryside sunset, with something brighter, a bit bolder, and what would be well worn for days at the track or attending a nemesis family wedding.

Cue the Shinki Tan Latigo Horsehide Shelby Sharp utilizing one of our favorite tannages to date from the most esteemed Japanese producers of hand finished horse hide. This full weight, vegetable tanned leather has been brilliantly drum dyed to a golden tan, air dried, and through the glazing process is hand oiled and waxed to enhance flexibility and deepen the color and grain profile to reflect the qualities of aged oak. This collaborative design comes with a high quarter, back stay over counter configuration, and completely exclusive sets of pinking and broguing details on each pattern piece for a unique boot that is sharply refined with balanced proportions. This Shelby Sharp is molded on the 2020 Last to provide an anatomically griped fit from forefoot to heel in a sleek dress form with brass eyelets for some tonal flash, designed for the countryside to cobblestone with an antiqued leather 360 storm welt and midsole atop a Ridgeway sole for lug traction in an elegant tread pattern. This last Shelby standing in Shinki comes with a charisma that draws you in coupled with the brute force to strike you down.