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Dehen 1920 x DR


New Collaborations and Releases with Dehen 1920

Let this heat index be a reminder that it’s never too early to dream of cooler fall temps, especially with all the styling possibilities offered by layering heavy weight garments that have rich textures in favored palettes. As a preview for things to come, we have a great pack of collaborations and releases with Dehen 1920 that bring our favorite season, which may feel far away at the moment, a bit closer in perspective. Leading the way is our trademark knit outerwear collaboration Submariner Jacket and the 2.0 Chore Coat, assembled with limited edition Crissman Overshirts for all those military-inspired, urban woodsmen to find mental respite from summer with reserves that can soon come to the frontlines for creative craft styling.

The Crissmans

A readily identifiable classic, the Crissman Overshirt gave root to the reinvention of Dehen 1920, from academic institution and motorcycle club supplier to a banner maker within the heritage world. As the iconic shirt jacket amidst an endless array in the market, many have come to collect this simple yet brilliantly refined piece in various fabrics and compositions. We bring you a very limited Crissman release using a deadstock Pendleton® woolen produced on a Jacquard loom in a natural palette and organic Woodland pattern that give the piece immense texture and depth of character. Next up, our single color Crissmans, using a beautiful Sage Green Corduroy and unique Palomino Moleskin from Brisbane Moss®, the UK’s finest maker of these cotton cloths with origins in the industrial era and the durability to match, are refined to luxurious standards for modern style applications.

The Knits

As one of Dehen’s biggest collaborators, we have developed a roster of knitwear pieces that take hallmark styles and refine them in design, fit, weight, and detailing. These four-end knit outerwear garments are no different, as the distinction is in the details and the fineness is in the fit. Our Submariner Knit Jacket comes as a closer-fitting piece that allows for functional layering with a full lining to provide a more finished feel. The jacket is evolved further with side entry lower patch pockets, an interior chest pocket, adjustments to the collar and facing, and our custom made natural Corozo Buttons that have a vintage size, shape, and polished finish. The Chore Coat 2.0 has also been refined to a four-end weight with longer sleeves and an adjusted body for a more tailored fit with a structured drape, completed with a clean pocketing design that brings all the functionality and none of the fuss for another hyper-considered design from the provisioners of the particular.