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De Bonne Facture x DR, Momotaro


New Collaboration and Releases with De Bonne Facture and Momotaro

This week, the heritage and fashion worlds converge and convey Division Road’s point of view that goods which embody quality from sourced materials and old-world craftsmanship also should be adaptable for diverse aesthetic profiles. From the world of De Bonne Facture and its artisan approach to luxury and Momotaro, which takes traditional denim production to the next level with a very specific recipe, we have a collection of garments that are painstakingly considered from the raw inputs through every stage of design and production to yield wardrobe essentials aimed at those looking for the finest from fabric to fit. Whether you’re into the earthy, tailored French contemporary look or want to be fully decked out in workwear is immaterial, as these goods are ideal for any collector inspired by fashion, impressed by craftsmanship, and invigorated by brand stories.

De Bonne Facture x Division Road

Guided by an ethos of creating good quality garments, De Bonne Facture is formulaic in approach and focuses on transparent sourcing, finding the finest natural fibers to be used by respected mills to create remarkable fabrics for their atelier made garments to reflect the soul of the land from which the fibers originate. As a luxury brand with an identifiable, casual style that is sophisticated and approachable, DBF is an antidote to the high fashion world with an authenticity and sincerity around sustainability and production standards lost by the major houses. This pre-fall release of the Grandad Trench Coat and a collaboration Overshirt coming in an Anthracite Belgium Linen & Wool produced with French & Belgium grown flax spun with New Zealand virgin wool, along with the Ecru Undyed Cotton Twill Work Jacket using an Undyed GOTC certified organic cotton, is a tribute to vintage garments designed for the next generation of timeless stylers.


Over two decades Momotaro has become one of the most well-respected denim producers in the world by developing and remaining committed to a unique fiber-to-garment recipe that has resulted in consistently creating pieces that will evolve beautifully to the wearer over years of use. From partnering with the world’s best producer of long-staple organic cotton that is hand cultivated in Zimbabwe, to deep indigo rope dyeing for a signature color saturation, hand hammered rivets and heavy-duty jacquard twill pocket bags, and elevated heritage production standards most others try to copy, Momotaro jeans are a trusted, comfortable, daily wearer, exceptional in all regards. That provenance strikes an impressive balance with the perfectly designed fits from the super slim 0306 Tight Tapered, to the moderately modern 0405 High Tapered and the classically minded 0605 Natural Tapered, each with highly considered tweaks in fabric weights, looming, and dyes for limited editions as special as the hallmarks.