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Division Road’s Luxe Ranch Capsule Collection

Cromford Leather Co. + De Bonne Facture + MotivMfg + Iron Heart + Viberg


LXR Capsule Collection

To hallmark a year filled with changes and evolutions, we are honored to present our annual capsule collection, Luxe Ranch, with completely exclusive collaborations that meet the tough conditions of ranch and farm life with a military and workwear backbone but are refined in design to live well beyond the fields. This year’s cross-collaboration project embodies a rustic sophistication through completely new developments with Cromford Leather Co., De Bonne Facture, MotivMfg, Iron Heart, and Viberg. Commemorating the new foundation we’re building and a journey from urban to rural, the LXR capsule tailors military and workwear influences into a distinguished, modern, countryside-inspired wardrobe for the original gentleman.

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