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Iron Heart x DR, Whites x DR


New Collaborations with White’s and Iron Heart

On the heels of the hard duty and heavy lifting required for our launch of The Fields and the subsequent Iron Heart residency, we thought it prudent to conduct a release that speaks to the refined workwear we’ve been wearing as we hammered home the details and toiled the land over the last months. As a hallmark to the depth and breadth of our partnership with Iron Heart, we bring you the new Black x Black Selvedge Denim 502 Serviceman Cargo and a re-release of some of our favorites from last season that will remain timeless standouts for many seasons to come. And, after much patient anticipation, we have the first two White’s make-ups from our Horween Natural Thread Pack that boast immense patina potential and will endure with poise anything thrown their way. For goods with dialed-in designs that embrace gritty duty, grab these exclusive wears that will transition easily from your busiest days to leisurely nights, founded in quality that will last for generations.

Iron Heart x Division Road

In one of our most beloved collaborations with this all-star heritage producer, we bring you the IHDR-502 with its adapted high rise relaxed tapered fit refined from the 888. The signature 14 oz. Black x Black Selvedge denim comes with the dual twisted weft, medium tension loomed formula to yield a heavy duty, mid-weight denim that has structure and comfort in a deeply saturated black sulfur rope dyed warp and dip dyed weft that will fade to shades of grey. For a full ensemble we have a re-release on the 316-IND Ombre Check Western that comes in our favorite indigo dyed 9 oz. flannel that will evolve with ranch-ready class, the 318-YEL Viyella Selvedge flannel that’s an all-season 6 oz. weight in a country gentleman pattern and palette, and the versatile outerwear-to-layering 86-J Modified Type III for a road ready design that comes in the same approachable 14 oz. Black x Black denim as the Serviceman Cargos, in case you’re looking for a commanding and coordinated craft collector kit.

White’s x Division Road

That’s right, we’re back at it with Part I of our new Horween Pack that highlights precisely set-in contrasting Natural thread detailing on the uppers, brass eyelets, and corresponding details to give each make-up a personality and stylistic poise. In this iteration, our favorite Oxford 300 comes in a versatile British Tan CXL with a rich chestnut color and natural teacore that will allow concerted efforts and rewarding adventures to be cataloged upon a clean canvas. The Black Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350 is a bad to the bone black boot that will evolve and ebonize in color as the nap from the Natural Roughout below this dyed wax coating reveals to parallel the natural and tonally corresponding details from the fully gusseted tongue down to the sole. Supported with full weight Horween hides, these collaborations have been completed with unstructured toe boxes for a low-profile aesthetic on the signature 55 Last and come with a color coordinated single row Natural CXL Hand Welt, a natural leather midsole, and a half-slip atop the all-purpose trekking Vibram 2060 Sole.