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The Workers Club x DR, Gitman Vintage x DR, Andersen-Andersen


Collaborations and Releases from The Workers Club, Gitman Vintage, and Andersen-Andersen

This week, we have a collection centered on the quality and considered inputs of our garments at every stage. This release of completely new designs and collaborations from The Workers Club, Gitman Vintage, and Andersen-Andersen focuses on the timelessness and performance of pieces created when fiber, fabric, and fit are the benchmarks of development. With transparency in sourcing and authentic workshop production that commands impeccable handgrade craftsmanship, these wardrobe staples are made to last, look great in all situations, and embody the result of immense care at every step.

The Worker’s Club x Division Road

Coming from our archives we present another collection of developments made exclusively for Division Road in collaboration with The Workers Club. The new Sloane Mac and Jericho Harrington combine the gentleman and the officer, coming in our favorite undyed woolens from Marling & Evans®, specialty sourced for their debut, that uses natural British wool shears from different breeds with the natural oils and properties of the fiber, spun into contrasting tan and brown yarns, and woven into traditional patterns in a perfectly weighted woolen great for various seasons in the outdoors. Coordinated with a fantastic 13.5 oz. Kuroki Mills Selvedge Denim that’s great for mild climates, with a raw state option for those that want to set in their own fades, or our hand finished 2 Year Wash by the most coveted artisan workshops in Okayama with dimensional precision to match-up the fades to various body types and leave enough indigo in the fabric to continue their development on body.

Gitman Vintage x Division Road

In our latest sourcing and fabric development collaboration with Gitman Vintage, this season we wanted to present a special fabric that deserves more attention for its natural qualities and environmentally conscious production. Coming in a beautiful mélange Chambray Flannel using tonal shades of Seawool® yarn that is produced from post-consumer oyster shells and recycled plastic bottles, these button-downs are designed to be aesthetically intriguing and environmentally friendly wardrobe staples. Beyond helping to diminish the waste footprint, Seawool® is remarkably soft, comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, and naturally resistant to odor, bacteria, and UV rays, all while evolving through wear and washes with a subtle patina. Produced in Gitman’s signature new tailored fit coupled with our hallmark details, this is a substantial and more sustainable button-down in Aegean, Burgundy, and Charcoal colorways that each will pair up with various ensembles while getting compliments, allowing one to share their Seawool shirt story.


As anyone who has an Andersen-Andersen garment can attest, they produce unmatched knitwear with a hyper-considered approach towards raw material sourcing, meticulous production, and design. The method for making garments with significant longevity, comfort, and weather-beating properties should start with the fiber, and Andersen-Andersen specifically uses the finest Patagonia Merino wool, sheared once per year at the fleece level that gives the most durable and soft yield while promoting animal health. Taking that material and making their exclusive extra spun, long staple yarn that is dyed, left natural to the shear color, or undergoes their proprietary natural Indigofera plant dyeing process, the only wool version approved by Woolmark, Andersen-Andersen creates a collection of colors that are staple, natural, and intrinsically special for their high-minded knitwear. Undergoing years of design development, these pieces are hand linked and fully fashioned to be singular knit garments that will never go out of style, last for ages, and perform in all conditions.