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Artisan Autumn

De Bonne Facture x DR, Studio D’Artisan, Alden, Division Provisions


Collaborations and Releases with De Bonne Facture, Alden, Studio D’Artisan, and Division Provisions

This week, we have a styling story about the fervent joy of collecting goods made by artisan workshops and discovering the soul of a product when formed out of the highest quality materials through the trained hands of highly skilled craftspeople. De Bonne Facture, Alden, Studio D’Artisan, and our own Division Provisions represent some of our finest vertical manufacturers and brands leveraging regional workshops. This release is geared to equip your wardrobe through fall, winter, and beyond with styles that are simple in design but complex in their hand-grade production. Beyond specs and patterns, what makes a piece truly special is the summation of every touchpoint of the product journey to fruition. This collection epitomizes stylish artisan goods that go beyond aesthetics or even materials, into a feeling that comes across when something is produced correctly, allowing the form, function, and longevity to be enjoyed as intended.


De Bonne Facture x Division Road

One of our most esteemed brands due to their commitment to utilizing traceable natural fibers, transparent supply chains, and exclusively working with regional workshops throughout France and Italy that specialize in a specific, singular category of garment production, De Bonne Facture adheres to lofty standards while creating unique, new-classic staples. This fall/winter season is inspired by the French modern architectural movement begun in the late 1920’s and features clean-lined utilitarian goods that bridge workwear and tailoring, all coming in a neutral palette. For a full release of collaborations and collection pieces we bring you the timeless Grandad Coat and Overshirt along with newer offerings of the Cardigan Jacket paired with the Balloon and Hiking Trousers, designed with a contemporary French luxury viewpoint and made with next-level craftsmanship.

Studio D’Artisan

With over 40 years as one of the premier vertical producers of selvedge denim from loom, cut, sew, and finishing, Studio D'Artisan exemplifies an authentic approach towards heritage goods while always looking to improve the craft. SDA has become our signature representation of un-sanforized, shrink-to-fit selvedge denim due to their controllable fabrics and consistency in adapting fits to various loomstate denims. This release brings the treasured FOX x G3 and Mother Earth denims back that combine our favorite fibers, low-tension irregular looming, and Relaxed Tapered fit. In addition, we debut the SD-909 High Rise Tapered that has a classic take on the tapered fit with a fuller seat and leg, also utilizing the G3 Series loom denim that offers unique fades and a comfortable drape.


A newer addition to the Division Road footwear roster, Alden is an old hat in the heritage goods game with an iconic identity and following that has established itself as the signature family-owned welted boot and shoemaker in the United States. Part of a footwear collection journey for many of the well-dressed, Alden represents a trusted and traditional standard of materials and craftsmanship for classics that offer a broad range of styling potential. Building out our line-up with some curated collection pieces that hold the aesthetic and utilitarian objectives we aim to achieve with our collaborations, we have the Black CXL Indy Mocc Toe Boot and Tobacco Chamois Reverse Plain Toe Blucher using Horween leathers and straightforward specifications to serve as foundational footwear options for any wardrobe.

Division Provisions

As our hallmark basics sock maker, Anonymous Ism procures the highest-grade natural yarns and utilizes vintage knitting machines from the 1970’s in slow production to craft luxury staples that are durable complements to numerous footwear rotations. Logically, we elected to work with Anonymous Ism when conceiving of a signature Division Road sock and created a special blend of Organic Cotton and Hemp to produce an essential complement to our boot and shoe combinations with no-fail fortitude. And as a paired cornerstone for any collector, we’ve restocked our perfected Aromatic Red Cedar Shoe Tree made by a near century-old New England producer using US Forestry certified red cedar and machined brass hardware on an anatomically shaped split toe design to protect your collection with Division Provision panache.