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MotivMfg x Division Road Collaborations

Our love for MotivMfg and the works we’re able to produce with them is no secret. Though let us let you in on one: Once a client acquires a MotivMfg x Division Road collaboration, they’re hooked. From design to production there really is no substitute, and as trusted provisioners of exceptional heritage goods we stake our name on the quality, transparency, design, and construction of the pieces we create with this innovative maker based in tradition.

From taking garment design and detailing queues ranging from the industrial era, WWI, and WWII, along with mid-century inspirations that are infused into modern garments made with old-world materials, MotivMfg creates truly timeless pieces for those looking to hallmark the past while having an eye towards the future. Informed by an anatomical design methodology, these garments are created to be worn day in and day out through all the conditions encountered from the country path to the city street.

For our fall collection with MotivMfg, we’ve collaborated to bring back some of our signature patterns informed by a countryside, military, and tailoring lineage, in a landscape-derived palette to yield styles appropriate for urban or outdoor environments produced in specialty fabrics to withstand all conditions.

Leading the pack, we have some indispensable coating and outerwear using our favored Fox Brothers® fabrics, famously produced in the 200-year-old original Somerset mill known by the particular to yield the finest worsted wool cloths on the planet that are made to suiting grade levels for the outdoors. Regarded as the inventor of cording processes from the yarn to the loom, Fox fabrics pack an immense amount of the best British wool fibers into award winning, quality cloths. For well-appointed heavy-duty outerwear we have the English Officer Great Coat coming in a hefty 25 oz. Midnight Proper Overcoating Cloth that’s a stepped twill weave with a flannel finish that feels like cashmere and shields like steel, and the English Aviator Jacket produced in the WWII military grade 30 oz. Churchill Overcoating that is dense, flexible, and textured in a classic, camel-colored British Warm. One of our most sought-after creations, the indispensable French Fencing Hunt Vest, comes this time around in the coveted and luxurious 20 oz. Dark Moss Exmoor Twill that’s inspired by and made to withstand the outdoors.

Since 1858, Brisbane Moss® remains England’s signature cotton corduroy and moleskin cloth producer, from the industrial era for factory workers through both world wars for military garments, and in modern times evolved as countryside and workwear-based apparel. Using premier-quality ring-spun yarns and a high ratio of weft to warp threads, these cloths are produced to endure harsh conditions with a soft, comfortable hand. From the beginning of our works with MotivMfg, we’ve used Brisbane Moss cloths and recently a proprietary overdying process has advanced these fabrics with a natural, one-of-a-kind patina that will continue to evolve to the wearer. This season, in the Overdyed Moleskins we’ve brought our mainstay English Hunt Work Jacket back in a Smoke Blue and Ochre for inspired styling in bold, versatile colors and a new French Rapide Jacket in Chocolate for a neutral go-to for modern commutes and daily ensembles. The French Hunting Jacket remains one of our most prized pieces and this season comes in a Dark Navy Corduroy and contrasting Chestnut Calf Leather trim for your fall through winter outerwear needs from the woods to city walks.

While complicated outerwear developments are always a joy to see as they come to fruition, there is not enough said about a proper button down that squares between a base layer for a more formal look, or an unbuttoned overshirt for casual outfits. If we must say so ourselves, and we will, the American Camp Shirt is a perfected balance between old world detailing and fit and function for the new lifestyle that combines elements of shirting designs from the outdoors, military, and tailoring. Produced exclusively in heavy duty, specialty fabrics and enhanced with rare details like the three-dimensional collar with a hidden under collar button, decorative side seam gusset, authentic shell buttons, and a curved chest pocket with a buttoned flap front, each of the American Camp Shirts are a collectable staple. Appropriate year-round, the Natural Indigo Cotton Linen Denim, Camel Cotton Linen Slub Poplin, and Olive Chambray Flannel fabrics all have a unique personality that will provide a special foundation to any ensemble and wear well for decades through various styling evolutions.