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Guidebook 2019 - 2nd Edition

2nd Battalion - SEA Company

It’s no secret Seattle is growing and in a constant flux, even in our sleepy historic district of Pioneer Square the transitions are evident on a daily basis. Change is good and something we embrace, with an effort to honor and acknowledge the past. Whether a true local or one who calls Seattle their home, our region is distinctively balanced with the brick and concrete of our urban environment and the wild landscapes of the forests, sea, and mountains. 

With an anthology of different migrations over almost two centuries, our local style is informed by various cultures. Thus, we look for garments created with the purpose of conquering the requirements of our climate, that have functionality in the outdoors, and epitomize the hardworking nature of Seattle’s history. This is indicative of the perspectives and products made by our Northwest manufacturing brands that have a workwear background, hearty builds, and utilitarian designs that have incurred a global resonance. We like to think that Division Road and its Army are archetypes of these qualities, along with producing ripples in the style scene both locally and remotely. Our Clients, the DR Army, are style soldiers on the frontlines of this operation in Seattle and throughout the world who reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the new classics.

Over the three years since our launch, we’ve developed some amazing relationships with our clients on their journey of assembling wardrobes that we’re proud to have assisted in curating. We are pleased to serve this company of characters who apply their talents and tone towards a wide range of endeavors from the professional, creative, craftsman, to laborer. Each one of them has a distinct point of view and perspective on style that fits within our single uniform aesthetic. The honor in serving our clientele is that they understand our position, the quality of goods that are made from the low volume specialized manufacturing brands that we represent, and are sincerely appreciative of our efforts and presentation. In this last year, we’ve continued to develop more collaborations with resounding success, provide more informational content, and maintain our high standards of service that we aim never to compromise. These clients not only represent a cross-section of style and individuals, but those who are true patrons of Division Road.

In the modern metropolis of conformity, we are grateful to have a community of customers that reject it and are drawn to quality goods with an authentic story and history. Much like themselves, they seek the same kind of integrity, grit, and resilience in their clothing as they have cultivated in their lives. To show our appreciation for all those who have demonstrated their true patronage to Division Road, we venture to feature some of our local Army in our annual Guidebooks to exhibit the approach, formula, and personality of those both born in and drawn to the Northwest. Using all of their own footwear and select items from their personal wardrobe, we put together signature looks that speak to their takes on the Division Road journey of style.

Dr. Mark was an early customer who has been strategically adding pieces from our line-up to his wardrobe over the past few years. His first purchase of a pair of Tricker’s on Boxing Day are still well worn and utilized in his rotation, which has transformed into a uniform of “only wearing your stuff.” A long-time transplant from the East Coast, he typifies an Ivy-meets-Evergreen style that is to the core of the inspiration behind Division Road. Mark has that iconic McQueen-meets-Newman style that’s informed by the classics often encapsulated by the timeless staples we produce through collaboration. While a doctor by day, Mark uses these goods in a lifestyle in which they’re designed and constructed to accommodate: 5-mile treks to and from work, hiking through the outdoors, and living seven days a week in our heritage-based ensembles. Regularly in the shop on release day to peruse or commune, he’s taken to the solace that Division Road was designed to provide.

Favorite Brands: Private White, Andersen-Andersen, Corridor, wings+horns, Viberg

“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”   - Epictetus 

Derek Dub is pure businessman but has an arts background, so not only does he appreciate our goods but the expressions through our copy, photography, brand, and shop experience. Recently, he had a renewed interest to dress better in a business to casual sense that’s balanced with utility, and the ethos and style of Division Road struck a chord. Our defined aesthetic of refined, put-together, yet rugged, masculine, and distinctly Pacific Northwest resonated with Derek. He is quickly gathering a collection that includes signature collaborations and pieces that will endure fashion trends with a conservative take, an avant-garde slant, and a heritage backbone. We’re grateful for his appreciation that Division Road has helped in rejuvenating his innate style sense and he is a joy to work with as we’ve become his weekend destination and stress reliever.

Favorite Brands: Ten C, Nine Lives, Studio D’Artisan, Iron Heart, Viberg, Tricker's

“Life is always changing, with ups and with downs, continuity and change. I'm grateful everyday with the opportunity to choose how I present myself and to put my best foot forward, with a nice boot.” - Derek Dub

Jamie King is not only a client but collaborator with whom we look forward to future projects. As a born and bred local legend tattoo artist, he embodies a Japanese vintage vibe with an Evergreen Englishman context that is expressive in his work. As a craftsman himself, he has a recognition of the marriage between aesthetics and the soul of the handmade. As he is constantly evolving and searching for a deeper and more authentic level of expression in his own artwork and craft, Jamie views clothing and style as a natural extension. He is regularly putting ensembles together that we normally would not have thought of within an overall persona so unique in its flow, we’re not sure we could pull it off anyhow. Jamie serves as a true example of one of those guys who dresses head to toe in Division Road, yet by nature of his own creative character is a personification of an OG, a.k.a. Original Gentleman.

Favorite Brands: Private White, Dehen 1920, Corridor, Gitman Vintage, Tricker’s

“I think good style comes from a good sense of self: Intentional but not contrived, effortless but not an afterthought.” - Jamie King