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DRU Field Guide - Spring 21

What We Wore In Store

We are pleased to present the first edition of a new Guidebook feature, the Division Road Uniform (DRU) Field Guide, for a virtual look into what we’re wearing in shop on the daily as we’re busy doing some of the duties that keep this whole machine running. Since even our local customers are living the remote life, we wanted to provide that feeling of being at Division Road and give a glimpse into the style, life, and work of the DRA. One thing that’s easily visible is the fact that we curate and design with a wardrobe-based mentality for a single uniform aesthetic, so every piece is relatable, regardless of style category or inspiration. You'll see some old and new pieces intermixed with samples yet to come, reinforcing that if you see something that grabs you, grab it, as we specialize in low volume producers and rarities that never go out of style. Heritage goods are not only utilitarian, but a reflection of lives and style journeys as signature armaments made to last for both the collector and minimalist alike. From the cool guy coffee grabber, workwear ivy-styled gent running to the post office, tailored and layered for taking in or sending out goods, or conducting Operation Dog Walk, there are endless story and styling profile explorations to be had on the Division Road.