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This week, we present another cut-to-order collection of Ten C made with precise craftsmanship in the lust-worthy Original Japanese Jersey just in time for the wild weather of spring. Ten C is the ultimate in technical luxury outerwear, using a proven formula that takes vintage military and sportsman inspirations and imbues an avant-garde approach to form and fabric, made for pure function.

The basis of the brand is the completely proprietary OJJ fabric that is one of the most complicated and difficult to fabricate with on the planet. To craft a Ten C piece in this unique and exclusive fabric, the garment is mathematically cut and sewn with larger proportions, then goes through a precise boiled dyeing process that shrinks the piece while saturating the color. This results in a structured fabric that is completely waterproof and allows the garment to mold and patina through years of extreme use.

As limited as they are exceptional, this arsenal of a Flight Jacket, Tempest Anorak, Cyclone Parka, and the famous Anoraks come in a modern palette to allow for the desired daily use of iconic outerwear. Anyone who has a Ten C can attest that it will become the most treasured garment within any elevated wardrobe, purely based on the range of style and utility it affords. Trust the provisioners who are uncompromising toward quality, construction, materials, and design: Ten C is all that we say it is, and while technically a luxury, each piece is equally essential.