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All-Star Monkey Boots + Cedar Shoe Trees

Tricker’s x DR, Division Provisions


Collaborations and Release with Tricker’s and Division Provisions

This week, we’re excited to present a long-term project that was worth the wait and remains perfectly timed with the stylistic needs of today’s lifestyle. Hallmarking the original history with a fresh perspective, the Tricker’s x Division Road Super Monkey Boot comes back with an All-Star flavor in our most treasured leathers from our two favorite tanneries for a timeless trio of tricked-out make-ups. Our exclusively configured Monkey Boots are light on foot and heavy on flex, with an adaptive persona from street to heritage that will trot and hop from the barn to the boardroom then glide and slide to the bar.

Popularized by British sub-culture in the 60’s, this simple lace-to-toe pattern was a pre-WWII military issue by various European countries for uses ranging from training to infantry. Post-war, Monkey Boots were found in military surplus stores and adopted by England’s rebellious youth, then commercially appropriated by a number of athletic sneaker brands. As Tricker’s went to the archives to bring back the Monkey Boot, we saw the opportunity to push the style even further and blend sportswear inspirations into proper footwear for a form and function feat.

We adapted the pattern into a high top configuration with a higher quarter, additional eyelets, and an adjusted fit while editing detailing to yield a contemporary iteration with a classic composition. A reverse natural leather Flexi-welt, subtly lighter build, and a featherweight Vibram Morflex sole all combine with Tricker’s 260 steps of traditional production, the wooden shank and century old cork recipe, along with precise and tight Goodyear welting to create a clean, timeless aesthetic authentically made to last a lifetime in all conditions and through the next style era.

For this this comprehensive collection we sourced leathers that would allow for flexibility, durability, and subtle patina. Related to the US-UK historical connection and evolution of the Monkey Boot, we utilized our favorite Charles F. Stead Waxed Kudu that is a high character leather under a waxed finish and deep aniline dyeing, paired with Horween’s famous Natural Chromexcel in all of its undyed, moderate shine glory. Both leathers share a vegetable re-tannage formula, in totally different skins, ingredients, and finishes to contrast and enhance the overall stylish utility of this boot.

Each of these All-Star Monkey Boots has an individual personality, unified with maximum consideration in a two-tone number that pairs the Waxed Kudu in Baltic and Natural Chromexcel for a disposition that draws closer to athletic and cool style cultural references, to the new Storm Grey Waxed Kudu that swoops in with a modern sophistication, and the rock-solid restock of the Natural CXL make-up that embodies a mid-century character that will develop to be more distinguished. Look no further for a Tricker’s with a vintage inspired and modern Division Road take on an historical story to offer stylish daily utility.

Lastly, we paired this special Super Monkey release with a restock of our signature Division Provisions Aromatic Red Cedar Shoe Tree that’s one of our proudly perfected in-house developments. Using forestry certified red cedar from the US that is kiln dried and left in an unfinished state, dutiful machined brass spring loaded hardware, and an anatomically shaped split toe design, these refined shoe trees produced by a near century-old New England maker at an accessible price point allow protection of your collectables with Division Provision panache.