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Summer Staples

Iron Heart, Benzak, National Athletic Goods, Reigning Champ


New Releases from Iron Heart, Benzak Denim Developers, National Athletic Goods, and Reigning Champ

This week, we have a selection of goods from Iron Heart, Benzak, Reigning Champ, and National Athletic Goods that you’ll be reaching for over the next couple of months as things heat up, and which embody our tenets of substantial staples that will not disappear once cooler days return. For the last big garment release of the season, we bring a curated collection from modern and vintage leaning heritage brands that, regardless of their slant, specialize in making goods that last and will never go out of rotation.

Iron Heart

From Iron Heart, we’re pleased to debut the 727-KHA High Rise Tapered Chino based on the 888 Cut with a roomy top block and thigh, complemented with a classically tapered leg using an elevated 9 oz. Selvedge Mercerized Twill Cloth that takes the military original to new high-rise heights. Then, we have the 285-OD Short Sleeve Workshirt that’s made from a 5.5 oz. Indigo Selvedge Chambray and sulfur Overdyed Black to allow for an amazing patina in a summer weight piece with all the provenance of the typical Iron Heart heavy-weights. Lastly, our favorite Twill Cargo Camp Shorts in the Beige Serge Twill come back with battlefield bravado for spring-summer tours of duty.

Benzak Denim Developers

Benzak has delivered some exceptional pieces through the season, and the European-made staples have been recognized for the unparalleled value offerings for which they have been designed, cut, and sewn to be. Hence, we’ve got another installment of the newly loved BWS-01 Work Shirt in a Candiani Mills 8 oz. Organic Cotton & Linen Black Denim that reads like an industrial-era, salt and pepper charcoal with an appropriate heft in a breathable blend. Paired with the new BWS-03 Military Overshirt in the 10 oz. Army Green Military Twill for an enhanced battle-proof, production-ready piece for a variety of shirt-to-jacket configurations.

National Athletic Goods

Inspired by mid-century American sportswear, National Athletic Goods has an international perspective to ensure they produce timeless pieces with purpose. By sourcing true mock twist mélange yarns that are woven into their proprietary jersey and terry cloths in Japan, which are cut-and-sewn into garments in Canada, NAG utilizes a global yarn-to-garment method to make the best new-vintage basics. In this warm weather collection of year-round Short and Long Tees paired with a collection of NATNL antique screen-printed pieces, this grouping will exemplify the fact that each garment has a luxury feel, making them better than the original while being made with the same performance and styling standards of yesteryear’s.

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ continues its legacy of sport in styles that are re-designed with tailored cuts and modern specifications with a mastered precision to create essentials that pay dividends with each wear. With vertical production from fabric developments to garment construction, RC is uniquely enabled to explore and execute pieces that are next-level and value-oriented, designed for the new lifestyle uniform that infuses work and play. A small collection demonstrates this leisure and sport lifestyle cross-over with our favorite Pique Jersey Polos, and a new Midweight Short and Long Sleeve Tee offering in a limited Carbon colorway that’s seasonally versatile in a unique palette.