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Refined Revolution Release

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Division Road Refined Revolution Release

New Releases from Ten C

This week, we present our seasonal collection of Ten C outerwear that are avant-garde designs with elevated materials coming to fruition with a refined craftsmanship approach that make them hegemonies of heritage outerwear. This cut to order arsenal of military inspired pieces makes them as limited as they are exceptional. With a revolutionary point of view that returns to the foundational aspects of good design, Ten C provides functional fashion with the true longevity one wishes for in any indispensable armament. This collection hallmarks the philosophy that materials drive inspirations and are implemented into forms and patterns with a core tenet of utilitarian convertibility, executed with craftsmanship so refined, it’s covert.

Division Road Refined Revolution Release

Ten C is entirely conceived around their proprietary Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ) that patinas and molds to the wearer while retaining an unmatched structure, silky hand, and weather beating properties. Using this material foundation, each piece is redesigned from iconic military and outdoor inspirations with a simplicity of form into highly technical, performance outerwear masterpieces. As we’ve noted in the past there is little we can say or do for one to fully understand the incomparable nature of Ten C. From design to function, properties of the OJJ fabric, versatility through convertibility, and the entire philosophy come to fruition with each piece of the collection. The pure fact is there’s a leap of faith, but once on the body, worn in harsh weather, and styled in any way from main street boss to battalion leader, one will become a true believer.

Division Road Refined Revolution ReleaseDivision Road Refined Revolution Release

The Ten C Parka

Signature to the brand is the Parka, an outer layer designed for military issue around the world to protect soldiers in their duties in harsh climates and foul conditions. Becoming synonymous with mod and cool styling for decades, Ten C launched the brand a decade ago with the elevated Fishtail Parka redesign, which remains signature to their unassumingly artful interpretations and over the top productions. This piece also proved to be the inspiration of various iterations on the classic M-51 parka in more modern versions, like the Cyclone Parka that comes as a more tailored piece for the avant-garde army, and the Core Parka that bonds down insulation into a singular winter weather outerwear essential.

Division Road Refined Revolution Release

Division Road Refined Revolution Release

The Ten C Anorak

Additions to the collection are somewhat rare, and are carried out only after extensive conceiving, crafting, and testing. The Anorak from Ten C has become a new icon with the proven formula of simplicity in form for extensive style versatility and the precision of design and craftsmanship to provide extreme functionality. Based on mountaineering and military shells and boasting protection and patina in all conditions, this will become the most worn piece in many venerable collections of gear, advantageous for trekking the woods or navigating city life. Coming in a nautical blue for the bold wayfarer and a dark green for those looking to camouflage their coolness, the Anorak embodies the most simple and perfect implementation of the brand’s artisan ethos with a utility that will never get old, yet reflect an age.

Division Road Refined Revolution Release

Division Road Refined Revolution Release

The Ten C Liner

Evolved over the years, the revolutionary foundation of the Ten C brand remains the convertibility of the Shells, with various Liners as practical style additives to an already potent formula, making each configuration a cult concoction of collectability. Using Japanese Nylon and European White Duck Down in several designs, each Liner can be armed with any Shell to tastefully conquer the changing conditions and weather, year-round. From the Down Liner made for simple utility, to the Shearling Liner that’s a standout outerwear piece on its own, to the Hooded Down Liner that’s either a functional technical jacket or a liner, this mix and match approach gives us some control to counter the constant challenges of our contemporary world, when it’s seemingly needed most.