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Tried & True Release

Private White x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR


Division Road Tried & True Release

Collaborations and Releases with Private White VC and Dehen 1920

This week, we visit the chronicles of our favorite collaborations and collection pieces with a release of tried and true offerings that have been styled, worn, and tested by us and our patrons, in some instances, for years on end. With Dehen 1920 and Private White VC, two of our premier one-roof manufacturing brands, we have a full restock of elevated wardrobe staples in designs that can be relied upon across seasons, climates, and styles for decades of utility. With a focus on singular categories, these century-old makers give us some of the best knitwear and outerwear in the business. This selection has been boosted by our adaptations and we’re proud to present our most trusted new classics, built to standards perfected over generations.

  • Division Road Tried & True Release
  • Division Road Tried & True Release
  • Division Road Tried & True Release

Division Road Private White

Division Road Tried & True

Private White VC x Division Road

In the depths of the Private White VC factory near city center in Manchester, England, exists an entire floor of archive patterns and samples that represent a storied anthology spanning nearly a century of garment production. Contained within that stockpile of vintage treasures are patterns designed by Nick Ashley, who often used multiple examples of originals to reference and refresh any iconic garment made under the Private White brand. These outerwear pieces were masterfully designed for today’s gentleman with improved and premium materials sourced in the UK, in complicated cuts that accommodated a variety of body types and layering options with a graceful and casual ease, produced via signature old-world techniques coupled with unmatched craftsmanship. Along with several collection pieces carrying Ashley’s stamp of design, we bring back what we consider to be the best Harrington and Twin Track jackets ever produced in these archive patterns, which hallmark the inspiration in exclusive materials and colorways to allow you one final opportunity to add these rare pieces to your style arsenal.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Division Road Tried and True

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Prior to our launch, Dehen 1920 was known only to a select group of cult heritage enthusiasts as a Portland, Oregon producer of old-world knitwear and a few outerwear styles that brought back a seemingly extinct level of quality. Esteemed by anyone who has had experience with their proprietary knits made exclusively in-house using vintage machines, Dehen’s new pattern developments bridge the vintage and modern to create novel style pieces that offer unmatched longevity and transform the soul of yesteryear for today. From our first season with this storied maker, we’ve tirelessly (and probably annoyingly) worked on collaboration projects with Dehen to present pieces we knew were missing in the marketplace and would be appreciated by our core customer. One of our signature endeavors along these lines was to collaboratively create the perfect Shawl Cardigan; and with over four years having passed since its debut, even as perfectionists, we’ve changed nothing and have had astounding and repeated success with any one of our patrons who acquires one... and often a few more.