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Mud, Twill, Steer

Iron Heart, Studio D’Artisan


Releases from Iron Heart and Studio D’Artisan

Attuned to the impending seasonal change, it’s time to send out a denim-head focused release that keeps things simple to reorient our collective style-minds toward patina projects that are best begun in spring. This week, we bring a sampling of stand-by pick-ups and special editions from Iron Heart and Studio D’Artisan, two of our favorite high-producing, Japanese vintage-inspired specialists. From sturdy twill Westerns, raw Selvedge Denim for shrink-to-fit perfection, majestically mud dyed Flannels, and tricked out tank-ish Truckers, we’re furnishing the goods for Yellowstone watchers tuning into the style as much as the storyline.

With an outerwear-focused run from Iron Heart, we have two Modified Type III’s with a restock on the heavy duty 49J Roughout Split Steerhide made for the road warrior, and a new 116J Black x Blacked-out 14 oz. Fade to Grey Selvedge Denim accented and insulated with tonal Fleece made for the roaming rancher. Then, for those looking for a non-denim base layer or overshirt, we have the battle-proof 235 Military Serge Twill Western in the sulfur dyed Olive Drab, Mocha Brown, and a new Steel Grey for patina potential in crisp colors.

Studio D'Artisan continues their exploration of the exceptional with rare, exclusive fabric developments and looming capabilities. We have two all-season Amami Dorozome Mud Dyed Heavy Check Flannels using yarns saturated with natural extracts derived from the sap, wood chips, and mulch of the native Japanese Hawthorne tree. SDA’s original Japanese power loom has been retooled to achieve a more unique result in the low tension, unsanforized selvedge G3 Series denim, and we bring you three SDA signature tapered fits in the Slim, Relaxed, and High Classic that will exhibit remarkable vintage fading and comfortable draping once broken in with well-loved wear.