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Major Minimalist - PT 2

Iron Heart, Dehen 1920 x DR


Division Road Major Minimalist – PT 2

Collaborations and Releases with Iron Heart and Dehen 1920

In part two of this series, with a single palette and purpose-themed release, we are giving some focused space to signature partners and the Division Road approach, in order to give each piece and brand the attention they deserve. This two-part presentation is of the manufacturing brands that embody evolved heritage with an aesthetic of yesteryear and constructed using standards set by tradition while utilizing improvements of materials and techniques developed by decades of perfecting workwear in the revival of the minimalist movement. As the climate crosses over from winter into spring, each of these carefully curated additions from Iron Heart and Dehen 1920 offer versatility for the current season in a signature palette that will allow for a re-exploration of style within your own wardrobe via a variety of ensembles.

Division Road Major Minimalist – PT 2 - Iron Heart

Iron Heart

Over the last decade, Iron Heart has become the jewel of road-ready workwear for the cult collector community of heritage goods. If you’re not versed, it’s simple: Iron Heart develops proprietary fabrics that are next-level in refinement, weight, durability, and often patina potential. They craft with materials and construction details using improved, old-world techniques that others would balk to even explore, and provide some of the most special, long-lasting style staples that have ever been made. Built for the motorcycle community, and adopted by the contemporary collector, this vertical manufacturing brand has proven for years it owns its corner of the niche through killer cuts, craftsmanship and clever developments. To represent this formula with a singular release in each category, we have the 69-J Modified Type III in Black Corduroy, venerable 555S-SBG Super Slim Fade to Grey Superblack, and a new and limited seasonal release 277-IND 9 oz. Selvedge Flannel Ombre Check Work Shirt using indigo and sulfur dyed yarns to patina to perfection.

Division Road Major Minimalist – PT 2 - Dehen 1920

Dehen 1920 x Division Road 

Dehen has passed a century of crafting knitwear for institutions of the athletic and academic for a reason. They do a damn good job at consistently providing resilient goods. Over the last decade, with the launch of the Dehen 1920 line, they took some of their proprietary capabilities and infused them into new-classics that embody masterworks from their archives along with moto, military, and outdoorsman inspirations. Dehen has reinvented itself by leveraging their cocoon of craft with all knitwear still produced in house from vintage machines using specialty sourced, US made worsted wool yarn and developing patterns that express the old with a fresh approach. Launching our collaboration partnership years ago, the Shawl Cardigan was the first exclusive development we did with Dehen with the aim of creating the perfect layering knitwear piece that was absent in the market, destined to be an iconic Division Road Dehen with stylish longevity. So, grab either (inevitably both) the Black or this limited Old Gold version of our Shawl Cardigan, and you’ll be astounded by how much you wear and love it.