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Through the last several years we’ve documented thoroughly the distinct nature of Ten C products, and upon review of brand-focused Bulletins like our Refined Revolution Release and Mod-Military Masterpieces Release, you will find much has already been said. Simply, Ten C is matchless in the outerwear arena in terms of infused designs, refined cuts for endless convertibility, and remarkable patina potential using a waterproof fabric. Through this tour de force, Alessandro Pungetti has effectively synthetized vintage inspirations and a heritage production philosophy to create modern technical garments that embody performance, utility and quality as the basis for timeless styles intended to be well-loved and lived-in for any journey.

  • Division Road Ten C
  • Division Road Ten C
  • Division Road Ten C

This cut-to-order collection for Division Road comes in the iconic Original Japanese Jersey with a palette that, much like the designs themselves, evokes the inspirations with originality. From the signature and venerable Parka and Anorak, to the adapted Combat Drill Jacket, and a new Flight Jacket, these OJJ outerwear options are destined to become the most treasured in a wardrobe purely based on the range of capability they provide for a life with style. All in, trust us as provisioners who are uncompromising toward quality, construction, materials, and design. Ten C is all that we say it is, and until you have one (then often several) it’s hard to understand how special this product is, as after all they are made to be lived in.