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Loggers at Deadstock Cafe Release

White's x DR, Heller's Cafe


Division Road White's Boots Heller's Cafe

Collaborations with White's and Deadstock Collection from Heller's Cafe

This week, we're calling all collectors and vintage veterans as we turn back the clock with a special deadstock selection of Heller's Cafe by Warehouse Co. and a refreshed restock of our Chromexcel White's Boots collaborations. Whether looking for a collectable specimen from the King of Vintage's vault or an enhanced example of a re-buildable boot, we have a little something for all of our good gatherers. So, look no further for new vintage originals made for the next century; today is the day for those connoisseurs of craft who live in a throwback wardrobe, as we bring you some iconic heritage trophies that are, in fact, made like they used to be.

  • Division Road White's x DR 350 Loggers + Heller's Cafe
  • Division Road White's x DR 350 Loggers + Heller's Cafe
  • Division Road White's x DR 350 Loggers + Heller's Cafe

Division Road Heller's Cafe

Deadstock Heller's Cafe x Warehouse Collection

Larry McKaughan, regarded as the “King of Vintage,” launched Heller's Cafe as a venue to distribute some of the rarest pieces from one of the most impressive American vintage garment collections in the world. Warehouse Japan has specialized in early Americana clothing recreations since the 1990s, aiming to accurately reflect originality through precise reproductions. Based on a mutual respect for each other and shared appreciation for the craft, Warehouse & Co. partnered with Heller's Cafe in 2008 to reproduce signature examples of Larry’s collection with enhanced Japanese standards of craftsmanship that stayed true to the antique American originals, yielding exemplary garments once thought lost by history. We are pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity to purchase new deadstock examples of the Heller’s Café by Warehouse Co. capsule collections, originally produced specifically for collectors in Japan. Due to this very limited and rare offering and as an homage to early heritage online retailing, we've reproduced a marketplace via our Journal in a Blog format. Requests will be handled on a first come, first serve basis via email, phone, and in-store.

  • Loggers at the Deadstock Cafe Division Road
  • Loggers at the Deadstock Cafe Division Road
  • Loggers at the Deadstock Cafe Division Road

Division Road White's Boots

Division Road x White's Loggers at the Deadstock Cafe

White's x Division Road

White’s Boots comes back in fully refreshed and re-stocked glory with two exclusive-to-Division Road Logger Boots that epitomize their preserved build techniques that date back to the mid 1800's. White's patently preserved hand sewn, welted and stitchdown construction uses all-leather components to produce a boot that effectively molds to the foot through a lifetime of wear in the harshest conditions and uses. We brought back our Division Road core-exclusive Black CXL 350 Logger along with a more limited and complementary pairing in Natural CXL with the same quad stitched cap toe and aesthetic evolutions and details throughout. Both Loggers implement the popular, attractive, and accommodating Arch-Ease 55 Last in 6” patterns atop our exclusive color corresponding hand-sewn welt, midsole and heel combination to set White's unique construction methods apart from the pack. With our approach to refining this iconic style, see why this legacy logging boot maker has endured by keeping the craft alive with traditional trademarked techniques, one boot at a time.