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Land, Sea & Air Release

Corridor NYC x DR, Eastlogue


Collaborations and Releases With Corridor NYC and Eastlogue

This week, we bring you a story of style soldiers that are indispensable and versatile members of any wardrobe arsenal. Coming in a battle ready palette by way of Land, Sea, and Air from Corridor NYC and Eastlogue, these staples are focused on casual utility with a refined strategy. Exemplifying the perfect combination of traditional production methods with modern day sensibilities, these garments will match any test of service with a marksman's accuracy.

Division Road Corridor NYC Eastlogue

From Eastlogue, we have above-standard issue jackets and pants that will provide endless artillery for that dress-casual aesthetic that fully functions in the field. Then, with Corridor NYC we have a second tour of our Japanese Oxford collaborations that will wear-in and not wear-down through endless cool-style campaigns. So, enlist these simple, stylish, and well-curated collaboration comrades that have been crafted for all climates and conditions for our Division Road Army.

Division Road Eastlogue

Division Road


Long commissioned in our international Division of style soldiers and hailing from the Republic of Korea, Eastlogue has arrived armed with purposeful pieces from their new Permanent Collection that are equally unique and utilitarian. Established in 2011, Eastlogue reinterprets military garments from all over the world and brings them together into a single story of style that transcends time. In an Army inspired palette and theme, we bring you ensembles in the Brunch Jacket and Pant along with an outdoorsmen Logger Jacket that perfectly infuses their detailed designs with a stylistic simplicity.

Corridor NYC x Division Road

Division Road Corridor x NYC

Corridor NYC x Division Road

For a heritage homecoming we're pleased to present our honorary collaboration collection of Oxfords made in Corridor’s original garment district workshop. After determining the perfect Division Road Spec using the finest Japanese milled Oxford cloth we could find in saturated Overdyed and Undyed solids, Italian made tan acetate buttons, and Corridor's new-vintage three-panel back buttondown pattern, these collaborations have become legendary classics. Here is a shirting collection that tells the Corridor history of NYC production and design for the guy who wants quality, style, and notability even in his staples.