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Hurricane Hide Homage + Iron Cast

Crockett & Jones x DR, Iron Heart


Crockett & Jones x Division Road Collaborations

As a follow-up to our big debut of Crockett & Jones collaborations via Division Road, we bring you a release tailored for our style soldiers that will venture from Broadway to the battlefield with commanding grace. Starting with the leather story, these Hurricane Hides were originally developed with Horween as an exclusive pull-up recipe using a high oil content and vegetable re-tanning to be a durable leather with a natural finish that embraces action with patina and poise. Both derby boots utilize the 325 Last that merges an accommodating fit and a sleek shape for a dress form that can take on the world with comfort and style.

Every element of this paired unit is an homage to history with a military dress inspiration from the 1930’s through WWII, reinterpreted and refined to styles designed for today. As this leather will patina to reflect the sophistication of an aged antique and the specifications of these make-ups enable one to take on the wilds of the world, these boots will carry you confidently from Trafalgar Square to tromping the bogs of Britain. Conceived in collaboration with the distinguished Division Road eye towards timeless heritage goods, and masterfully crafted with more than 200 steps and an authentic goodyear welting legacy by one of England’s finest makers, these are stately styles informed by the past to endure for future decades.

Natural Hurricane Hide Coniston Boot

As one of the most iconic styles Crockett & Jones produces, the brilliance of the Coniston pattern is its simplicity that takes inspiration from English military and country boot heritage and is executed to the highest level by this Northampton maker. The cleanly configured straight cap toe, balanced with a high quarter and paired back stay, allows for the undyed Natural Hurricane Hide to tell its story. All coordinated to a tonal tan notched leather storm welt and midsole that subtly frames this sophisticated style, and atop the Ridgeway sole which offers lug traction in an elegant low profiled aesthetic, this exclusive Crockett & Jones collaboration will offer the day-to-night versatility and distinctiveness that is the grail combination for any craft footwear collector looking for pieces designed for daily duty.

Chocolate Hurricane Hide Moray Boot

We’re proud to present this new Crockett & Jones Moray pattern, exclusively adapted for Division Road with an English infantry boot inspiration that’s been elevated to a dress officer form. Reflecting this maker’s unmatched commitment to quality development and craftsmanship, this derby boot pattern is perfectly composed from cap toe to counter with an elegantly elongated quarter and corresponding back stay and leather pull loop design that’s borrowed from WWII-era jump boots. Accentuating the military references, the Moray is provided an officer-dress shape with the 325 Last and the Chocolate Hurricane Hide will develop a deep, rich character to correspond tonally to the dark brown leather storm welt and midsole, finalized with an Itshide Commando lug sole for an assertive and stable disposition through all conditions and conflicts.

Iron Cast by Iron Heart

Listen all about it, right off the digital press: We are honored to be featured on Iron Heart’s podcast, the Iron Cast, and interviewed by Oliver Walker. In Episode 4 of Season 2, Jason dives deep on what the hell we’ve been doing over the last several years as we transition into Division Road 2.0, collaboration as a state of mind and as a brand, and the shared perspective we have with what Iron Heart stands for in terms of product, operations, and a strong position in the marketplace. If you’re not familiar, you should be, as there are some great episodes with other like-minded and often slightly peculiar retailers, makers, and customers that have embraced this heritage goods niche as a way of life.