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Heritage for the Holidays

Studio D’Artisan, Gitman x DR, Momotaro, and Benzak


Collaborations and Releases with Gitman Vintage, Momotaro, Benzak, and Studio D’Artisan

To close out the year, we have one final release of super specialty goods with collaborations and select, seasonally appropriate pieces from Studio D’Artisan, Momotaro, Benzak, and Gitman Vintage that are great for late lists and gifts to self. Let’s be honest, most of us are apprehensive to put on gift lists the things we’re truly interested in, be it the futile activity of explaining cost vs value, how special the piece is, or the required immediacy of purchase due to the limited nature of the goods we hunt. As such, we often end up buying most of this stuff for ourselves after tiring from those conversations and to make certain we don’t miss out on those targeted pieces. Just as gifts to others should be considered, we only want to make the splurge on self over the holidays if the item is special and won’t be seen again. With that in mind, we present a curation of limited run goods in a vintage-themed palette to ensure your holiday can be filled with happiness and heritage goods.

Studio D’Artisan

Another exceptional fabric advancement comes to fruition from Studio D’Artisan through an inspired piece informed by the past and made for the future as a one-of-a-kind collectable. The Outdoorsman Jacket takes cues from workwear and hunting garments with a classic fit, hyper-functional pocketing, and old-world production techniques. Lightyears beyond a mere reproduction, this outerwear piece is made with a unique jacquard flannel fabric comprised of indigo Tasogare and madder Hinode dyed yarns that create a dimensional check in a heavyweight textile that will evolve with the wearer through utilitarian expeditions in the outdoors to pure styling excursions downtown.

Gitman Vintage x Division Road

Our time-honored, beloved fabric development from Gitman is back just in time for the holidays. The Interwoven Check Twill is one of the best shirting materials we’ve come across. This all-season twill weave of mercerized yarn allows for a consistent and durable finish with a woven check that adds complexity to a palette and pattern pulled from the archives. Tested to the fullest with years of wear and washing, ICT shirting holds its original form, color, and finish, and any or all of these Gitman Vintage collaborations will add endless versatility to your wardrobe.


From one of the premier denim makers, we have a selvedge denim Momotaro tuxedo for the workwear styling enthusiast advanced with modern cuts, unique detailing, rare fabric developments, and even folkloric references. The Jail Pocket Shirt replicates the best elements of the original inspiration with improved details in pocketing, cut, construction, and fabric. Our newfangled mainstay 0605 Natural Tapered cut and the broadly embraced 0405 High Tapered come in a new 18 oz. Indigo x Beige Selvedge denim comprised of organic Zimbabwe cotton enhanced with Momotaro’s venerated deep rope dyed indigo methods, which is contrasted by a completely unbleached core yarn and weft that will age with an antique appeal.

Benzak Denim Developers

For another new-classic ensemble, Benzak brings forth the value-oriented pieces that are as special as they are staple with the BC-03 Straight Chino that comes in a classic tapered fit we all could use in our arsenals. Made with a denim-head sensibility in a 10 oz. Military Twill from Collect Mills, this garment wears-in beautifully through years of hard use. Then, the all-purpose BWS-01 Work Shirt, known for its perfected fit and adapted styling, is presented in an 8 oz. Tinted Denim that modernizes military and naval-inspired denims with a dark weft to yield a denim shirt with a unique charcoal cast.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

As many of you know, we’ve continued to make some big changes and have completed some large-scale projects as we wage forward through what has been another year of challenges, successes, and a lot of learnings. None of these Division Road endeavors could have been accomplished without the support of our clients. We are immensely grateful for your patronage and passion. In this last year, we’ve kept the operational wheels spinning at a breakneck pace while building out our headquarters and showroom to Division Road standards, learned about the land to develop and pursue restoration and conservation projects, held brand residencies with some of our cult core, and served clients from around the region and country with exclusive collaborations and collectable curations. The fuel to propel ourselves forward has come from the loyalty and enthusiasm of our community of clients, vendors, and audience who help the Division Road journey endure and evolve. We are deeply honored to have developed rich relationships with so many, are regularly humbled by your affirmations, and we look forward to continued engagement as your chosen provisioner of heritage goods and steadfast service standards. We wish you and your families a holiday season filled with wonder, happiness, love, and exceptional goods.

Holiday Schedule

With the conclusion of this year of years, in the coming weeks we will be closing the shop for some extended periods to allow our team to enjoy a piece of the holiday season hunkered down with loved ones, and recharge for a New Year of possibilities and progress. Please be aware that during these periods, there will be a break from our normally prompt responses and fulfillment, and we will be back to normal days, hours, and operations on January 4th.

Closed for Christmas: December 22nd - 25th
Closed for New Year's: December 29th - January 3rd