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Neutrals Pack

Crockett & Jones x DR, Cromford x DR, De Bonne Facture x DR, Studio D’Artisan


Collaborations and Releases with Crockett & Jones, Cromford Leather, De Bonne Facture, and Studio D’Artisan

This week, we’re harmonizing palette and style with our Neutrals Pack of collaborations and curations with Crockett & Jones, Cromford Leather Co., De Bonne Facture, and Studio D’Artisan that convey uncomplicated luxury with goods made of quality. Coming in natural materials and a clean colorway from undyed ecru to hard black, this condensed collection is all about wearable wardrobe icons that will give life and sartorial elegance to any ensemble.

Some of our most treasured exclusive collaborations with Crockett & Jones have arrived just in time for the holidays. We’ve blackened out two C&J archetypal styles in Black Scotch Grain leather that takes the well-known Coniston Boot and a fully refreshed Exeter Oxford to the top-ranks of dress make-ups with a military backbone. With our dark knight approach to C&J’s novel Scotch Grain recipe, comprised of hand-selected calf skin hides with a printed pebble stone pattern that dates to the 1920’s, the yield is a material as distinct as it is dutiful. Both the Coniston on a Commando sole and the Exeter on a Ridgeway lug sole come with cleanly configured details including blind eyelets, storm welts, and black finishing throughout. These obsidian armaments are indispensable additions to style up for the formal or transform for the casual, subsequently serving as wardrobe foundations for years to come.

Leading the garment procession, we bring you a small restock and re-release of the Black Hurricane Shearling Boss Parka collaboration with Cromford Leather that is a masterpiece of design and handcraftsmanship, coming with a modern fit and considered details in flexible and durable Merino Shearling hides with a waxed matte black finished exterior and an undyed, curled shearling interior. De Bonne Facture focuses on natural and traceable wool wonderworks, with one of the most impressive pieces of this season’s collection being the Undyed Beige Wool Fleece Duffle Coat along with an exclusive Ecru & Grey Herringbone Brushed Tweed Cardigan Jacket, both of which precisely communicate the drape and comfort associated with French contemporary-cool style. As the specialists in wild dyeing and fabric developments within the heritage arena, Studio D’Artisan brings us two Western Shirts dyed with the Kusaki-Zome technique that uses nature’s pure extracts and correlated colors with a Sumi Charcoal and Kaki Persimmon, which are then washed for a casual luxury, Cool Hand Luke look that will continue to evolve to the wearer.