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Tricker's x DR, CHUP


Collaborations and Releases with Tricker’s and Chup

Good for any time of year, we have a full-fledged release of foundational Big Bad Brogue boots and Dutiful Derby shoes for a re-stock on our prized Tricker’s collaborations to offer longevity in style and performance with immense value, along with precisely produced Chup socks for spirited spring pairings.

These shop favorites speak to the Tricker's original, ruggedly refined DNA by using our collaboration formula of correctly corresponding patterns, leathers, and Lasts to the signature Natural Leather Barbour Storm Welt and Natural Leather Midsole atop British made Goodyear Commando Soles combination that results in footwear with a tank-like build topped with accents that ascend. As an appropriate pairing, we have stand-by socks from Chup in a perfected palette for the best Japanese-made accompaniments with stories inspired by ancestral history and oral traditions from around the globe.

Tricker’s x Division Road Big Bad Brogues

Using a simple formula that hallmarks the designer-meets-heritage revival period of more than a decade ago, our all-star Eaton and Stow boots are timeless Tricker’s coming with sophisticated detailing and finishing, designed and crafted for navigating the brush and bogs of the English countryside with class. Using Tricker’s premium Burnished Calf Leathers that evolve to evoke the appearance of an heirloom antique, these brogue boots are made on the accommodative 4497 Last that provides a generous and locked-in fit and are completed with a Natural Barbour Storm Welt, Leather Midsole, and Goodyear Commando Sole to yield signature styles that are ready to quest and conquer.

Tricker’s x Division Road Dutiful Derbys

Granting substantial style and proportion, the Natural Dublin Robert Derby on the 4497 Last and Snuff Kudu Reverse Bourton Derby on the 2298 Last will transform an ensemble into something individual, distinct, and utilitarian to carry you from the concrete to the crown. One of our most revered, the Natural Dublin by Horween has work boot durability in an undyed vegetable tannage designed to evolve to a medium brown with preeminent personality. The Snuff Kudu Reverse from CF Stead will subtly evolve with a casual character as the dirt and debris these are meant to conquer grace the flesh and brush out to a luxurious finish.


This week’s CHUP drop really hammers home what the ‘Classical Human's Universal Peace’ brand stands for with another divine series of collectable socks. With a theme of environmental architecture, regional motifs and patterning influences, these socks feel subdued yet majestic and add a pronounced reverence to your footwear. To add to the legend, these expertly and painstakingly knit pieces are made on stocking frame machines that maintain the old-world, limited production approach. Through sourcing the best materials for refined yarns produced with meticulous methods of construction, CHUP gives us the inspiration for ensembles rather than just accents.