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Division Road Evergreen Style

Collaborations and Releases with Dehen 1920

This week, we bring you an autumn palette-whetting collection of goods from our favorite Northwest producer of in-house knitwear and outerwear, Dehen 1920. Made for all of fall's conditions and beyond, this release is aimed at inspiring some creative thinking about one’s wardrobe for the journey ahead, hallmarking what we call Evergreen style. Defined by an infusion of workwear, militaria, and campus coordinates, this curation represents the functionality, palette, and mark of true craftsmanship that's at the center of the Division Road ethos and style profile. In even the most coveted wardrobes filled with craft collectables, each of these Dehen pieces will afford inspired daily ensembles and regular rotations that reflect the lifestyle of our regional characters.

  • Division Road Evergreen Style
  • Division Road Evergreen Style
  • Division Road Evergreen Style

The new Knit Chore Coat takes the expression of Dehen’s old-world knit to a new level with an industrious ingenuity, our all-star Collegiate Cardigan collaborations come in two new vibrant and vintage colors for those who love to be layered and lettered, and a pairing of our favorite shirt-meets-jacket Crissman Overshirt comes in a classic outdoorsman palette in Wool or Moleskin for an indispensable utilitarian piece for the true north westerner. A splendid example of evolved heritage, this collection celebrates Dehen 1920's centennial with their “Heavy Duty Old School Truth” of producing some of the most hearty new-classic styles around, coupled with our re-school approach of providing the best from the past in a format for the future.