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DRA Personal Protection Evolved (PPE)

U-Mask x Division Road


Collaboration and Releases with U-Mask

This week, we're pleased to present some legit DRA Personal Protection Evolved (PPE) by U-Mask, the best reusable mask on the market, period. We should point out, almost all other masks on the market do not address the internal management of microbial proliferation inside the facial covering, which is why medical masks, whether they are surgical or FFP2/FFP3/N95, must be disposed of after every use or they can potentially be dangerous.

Hence, currently as the sole provisioner in North America, we are pleased to present the only reusable Biotech mask on the market that is antiproliferative and self-sanitizing, made possible by utilizing a four-layer filter that leverages proprietary technology to block air contaminants from the outside, destroy them inside, and filter upon inhale and exhale. Produced entirely in Italy with sustainable and effective materials, the U-Mask cover is made of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon recycled from ocean plastic and pairs with a proprietary filter above N95/FFP3 rated that offers guaranteed results for at least 150-200 hours of effective use, yielding extremely comfortable, stylish, next-level protection for prolonged periods for time.

  • DRA Personal Protection Evolved PPE Division Road Army
  • DRA Personal Protection Evolved PPE Division Road Army
  • DRA Personal Protection Evolved PPE Division Road Army

In good company with the likes of select Formula 1 racing teams, luxury designer brands, and Bono's (Product) RED, Division Road presents our own exclusive collaboration U-Mask Model Two for a DRA PPE along with some stock selections and replacement filters that will arm our style soldiers against infection and impurity with stoic service for a healthier world. Read up, trust the provisioners of the best, and protect yourself and those around you with an actually wearable and functional U-Mask, specifically and verifiably designed to limit contagion of airborne diseases and exposure to contaminants.