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Dehen 1920 x DR, Gitman Vintage, Momotaro


Collaborations and Releases with Dehen 1920, Gitman Vintage, and Momotaro

We’re back to our normal release program this week, focusing on modern iterations of authentic heritage goods that serve as daily staples with distinction. As we often communicate, sometimes to a regrettably annoying level, standout staples not only afford the best of both the utility and style worlds by acting as cornerstones in your wardrobe, but often become the pieces most cherished due to their reliable nature. With a no-fail, limited collaboration collection done up with Dehen 1920, some seasonal offerings that are in fact good for year-round use from Gitman Vintage, and core classic Momotaro denim coming in the new fit we all need, from top to bottom this curation will fill the gaps or set the foundation with the solid mortar of menswear essentials.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Another foray into the evolution of knitwear unveils what is achievable when leveraging Dehen’s completely vertical production of the category. We bring you the Whiskey Pack: using a new golden burnt brown yarn on three of Division Road’s mainstay patterns in the form of the Letterman Club Knit Jacket, Shawl Cardigan, and Collegiate Cardigan. We are honored to have developed a host of these exclusive designs with one of the only manufacturers in the world using specific vintage knitting machines for material production down to ribbing, cuffs, and trims, paired with cut and sew expertise all being conducted in-house, under one roof. This pack includes an anthology of pieces, from the very first we developed seven years ago with the classic and undisputed Shawl Cardigan, the Collegiate which uses the same layering method with a more tailored aesthetic, and the more recent development of the Letterman Club Knit Jacket we love for its all-star-meets-gear-head persona. The summation is comprised of the finest examples of vintage-inspired knitwear, evolved for the modern enthusiast and layered individual.

Gitman Vintage

The Gitman family started making some of the country’s best button-down shirts over 40 years ago and remains to this day one of the few in North America continuing that legacy. To hallmark those original collections from the late 70’s, we have a selection of all-season to warm weather style staples straight out of the archives. First, for the workwear-inspired individual also looking to come correct in a proper button-down, we have an assembly of Japanese Dungaree shirts using dyed yarn for the warp and weft that provides deep color saturation along with a weight and feel that is lighter than denim but heavier than chambray for a perfected middle ground. Then, for years of daily utility aimed at ivy stylers, we present a pair of Archive Madras plaids in versatile colorways that will evolve nicely through years of wear, and a restock on our Navy Japanese Organic Cotton Gingham with a large format update to a core-classic for a tight collection of lighter-weight staples that have a substantial feel.


To complete the ensemble and provide patina projects on the precipice of spring when the temps are warming, rain is forthcoming, and all the conditions of breaking in new denim are perfect, we have some of Japan’s finest with Momotaro. Easily labeled as one of the best mid-high relaxed tapered fits in the business, the Momotaro 0405 High Tapered comes with an accommodative, yet not baggy, top block, a roomy thigh, and a gracefully tapered leg to a fairly narrow and slimmed hem dimension. In this modern fit, we’ve restocked some resolute offerings we could all use in our rotation with the great year-round signature 15.7 oz. weight denim using Momo’s organic Zimbabwe cotton, heavy chainstitched build, and top-level finishing components. The deeply dyed Vintage Indigo denim has become the hallmark of the maker for good reason, with just the right amount of slub and silver cast to serve as an everyday staple for every man, and a newer Black x Black that obliges those denim heads looking for a fade-to-grey pair to wear on dark nights.