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Back to Basics Release

Reigning Champ, National Athletic Goods


Division Road

New Releases from Reigning Champ and National Athletic Goods

After weeks upon weeks of distress and disruption and our resultant action plans and addresses, we feel it prudent to get back to basics. Hence, we bring you a pridefully produced collection of stalwart goods from the best basics brands in the business, featuring the modern-leaning Reigning Champ and vintage-inspired National Athletic Goods. Staples with substance are the basis upon which to build any timeless wardrobe. While over the top pieces are hard to ignore, we find it crucial to have those classic base layers, go-to tees, and ensemble enhancing jumpers all made with our dividing line of quality materials in fresh designs that are informed by a storied history.

Division Road

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ begins with the legacy of sport in styles that are re-designed with tailored cuts and modern specifications with a mastered precision to create essentials that pay dividends with each wear. With vertical production from fabric developments to garment construction, RC is uniquely enabled to explore and execute pieces that are next-level and value-oriented, designed for the new lifestyle uniform that infuses work and play. Their range is fully exhibited in this leisure and nautical, sport-inspired collection of perfected Polos in Pique jersey, along with French Striped and Reverse Twill terry cloth ensembles coming in versatile designs and a classic palette.

Division Road

National Athletic Goods

Inspired by mid-century American sportswear, National Athletic Goods has an international perspective to ensure they produce timeless pieces with purpose. By sourcing true mock twist mélange yarns that are woven into their proprietary jersey and terry cloths in Japan, which are cut-and-sewn into garments in Canada, NAG utilizes a global yarn-to-garment method to make the best new-vintage basics. In this warm weather collection of year-round Tee Shirts and the Full Zip Campus Jacket, each piece has a luxury feel making them better than the original, while being made with the same performance and styling standards of yesteryear's.