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White's LTT Lineman 350 - 55 - Vibram Mini Lug - Olive Waxed Flesh


LTT Lineman 350 - 55 - Vibram Mini Lug - Olive Waxed Flesh



The White's x Division Road Olive Waxed Flesh 350 Lineman is a 6" Lace-to-Toe pattern inspired by original toe lace logger and lineman boots debuted by Otto White in the 1920’s that were popular with workman due to greater accuracy in adjusting fit based on the conditions of use, foot swelling, or injury. These Division Road White's are characterized by the dutiful Olive Waxed Flesh produced by Horween in a similar process to Chromexcel, through using a wax application during the tanning process on the roughout side of Natural CXL that yields a leather with water-resistant properties designed to patina by revealing the sand colored nap of the flesh side over prolonged use. This boot is designed in collaboration with Master Shoemaker and now CEO, Eric Kinney, to hallmark the quintessentially Northwest stitchdown construction tradition using White's unique hand-sewn and all-leather builds with our functional design approach to honor original craftsmanship, history, and lifetime durability with a fresh perspective. This LTT Lineman comes with the addition of a lineman patch over the vamp for added protection and an historically accurate reference that combines with an unstructured toe box that gives a low profile form to the popular Arch-Ease 55 Last known for providing trademark support with a more approachable break-in and having an elegant, classic round toe shape with an accommodating forefoot and moderate profile that matches a wide variety of feet. We exclusively enhanced White's hand-sewn welted methods with a tonally corresponding Natural CXL welt to match the natural finished leather midsole and block-logger heel with a slight sculpt that emphasizes their completely unique approach to making lifetime work boots. A multi-paneled upper allows for comprehensive rebuilds and the low profile Vibram 430 Mini Lug Sole provides high traction and longevity for all terrains which, combined with a single row hand-sewn stitchdown, allows for greater flexibly, comfort, and a clean aesthetic for the long-haul. Finally, this Lineman comes with an outdoor purposed, contrasting Natural CXL fully gusseted tongue and contrasting heavy duty natural upper thread for the rugged and is refined with brass metal eyelets and a leather heel pull, finished with a custom White's collar stamp and WB x DR collaboration insole stamp. Made as a hallmark to White's unaltered, hand-sewn traditions and customized to Division Road specifications, this 350 Lace-to-Toe Lineman is built for the woods in a polished aesthetic suitable for urban environs.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Olive Waxed Flesh - Horween (USA)
  • 6" Height
  • Lace-to-Toe
  • 55 Last - D Width
  • Unlined
  • Natural Upper Thread
  • Brass Eyelets
  • Lineman Panel
  • Natural CXL Gusseted Tongue
  • Leather Pull Loop
  • Unstructured Toe
  • Multi-paneled Upper Construction
  • Arch Ease Leather Shank
  • Channeled Insole
  • Natural CXL Hand Welt
  • Natural Leather Midsole & Heel
  • Vibram 430 Mini Lug Sole
  • Block-Logger Heel
  • Natural Rawhide Leather and Flat Waxed Laces
  • Olive Waxed Flesh Kiltie
  • Custom Collar Stamp
  • White's x Division Road Collaboration Stamp
  • Hand Sewn Welt - Stitchdown Construction
  • Handcrafted in the United States 


    This is a hand-sewn, hand-welted stitchdown workwear boot made to withstand a lifetime in challenging conditions, with a focus on durability first. Irregularity is indicative of this rare boot making process and as such, each pair is unique. We suggest our customers embrace the character, hand grade details, and variation of each pair of boots, as that is what makes them special. This is not the product for those seeking a highly refined or lighter-weight build. For more information on White’s production, see our White’ Factory Tour.


    White's sizing is consistent to our old grade manufacturers and the 55 Last is frequently equal to a Viberg or Tricker's for most feet. As a general rule when sizing for White's, we suggest you select a half (.5) size down from a common US boot like Red Wing or Alden, or one-and-a-half (1.5) sizes down from a common US sneaker like Nike or New Balance.

    For additional information consult our Footwear Guide.

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