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Chup Monument Valley - Light Grey


Monument Valley - Light Grey



The Monument Valley Sock in Light Grey by Chup is inspired by the landscapes of Navajo Tribal Park that borders Utah and Arizona, articulated through traditional weaving motifs common to the Navajo people. To hallmark the visual effects of changing seasons and light upon the massive rock formations and the backdrop of a broad desert and sky, this original design depicts that relationship via repeat patterns associated with the iconic regional knitting style. With a storied history and balanced palette of sky, light grey, red rock, sage green, cloud white, charcoal, and river blue, these sock patterns will bring reverence and character to the foundation of your style rotations. Produced out of Japan with meticulous care on vintage stocking frame machines, each sock is a single-knit construction. For comfort, durability, and breathability, these socks use a blend of combed cotton and acrylic Dralon® yarns that feature the best possible combination of natural and man-made fibers for footwear basics that are soft, versatile, and odor-resistant. Crafted to collectible quality, Chup Socks are artisan-produced and truly unique accompaniments to your hand-grade footwear, making a Chup not just a sock but an artful luxury heritage accessory.


  • Inspired by Navajo County Landscapes
  • Traditional Stocking Frame Machine Knit
  • 45% Cotton / 45% Acrylic / 9% Nylon / 1% Polyurethane
  • Combed Cotton-Dralon® Blended Yarn
  • Machine Wash & Air Dry
  • Calf Length
  • Made in Japan


Medium: 7 - 10 US
Large: 10.5 - 13 US

About Chup

Begun in Tokyo with one desk and a single telephone over 25 years ago, Glen Clyde Inc. worked to become expert sock manufacturers by ensuring the utmost quality in production with unique designs. They created CHUP, "Classical Human's Universal Peace," to allow for the production of exceptionally designed folkloric and indigenous-inspired pieces that incorporate patterns and motifs from global cultures. The process of making socks by utilizing a stocking frame machine and a rare hand linking machine keeps the production old world and limited. Implementing... View All Chup Products