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DR Service Announcement Update 03.22.21


Division Road Inc. is sensitive to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus and the communal crisis that has occurred. Through this uncertainty, we have been committed to the safety of our team and customers. From the beginning of the outbreak and through the proceeding events, our aim has been to be smart and stalwart, sticking to factual information while maintaining operations in line with best practices that adhere to the guidance provided by CDC and WHO medical professionals.

We recognize that Washington State is moving into Phase 3, allowing for more businesses to accommodate a greater capacity of customers, along with resuming more indoor activity. We applaud the easing of restrictions on commerce that will offer increased vitality to our cities, and Seattle specifically. However, we wish to move in one direction toward re-opening and will not be adapting our operations until more vaccines are distributed, and our team members have had that opportunity. We will maintain our By-Appointment service that’s been in place since June ’20, enabling us to easily preserve our cleaning and sanitation protocols, have a natural limit of traffic to purposeful visits, and provide a comfortable environment for all of our clients that may have wide-ranging concerns or perceptions about exposure.

Division Road will continue to evaluate the monthly data trends to determine adaptations for our operational strategy. We are grateful for the initial trust of those patrons who have shopped in-store with us by appointment during this period. The results of repeat and regular visits have proved the value in establishing responsible practices and diligently adhering to them to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to our clients. If you schedule haircuts, car services, dentists, and even take-out food, we do not see why a personalized shopping experience at the level in which we operate should be any different, especially in the current climate. Our system is very functional, service is impeccable, and the specialized goods we provide are more relatable to this client-focused framework. While infection and immunity rates are broadly headed in the right direction, we do wish to keep it that way, and hope our customers continue to see the benefit of taking a prudent approach with a method of service that corresponds with our goods.

Business Operations is fully operational online. We are available Monday – Saturday during business hours by phone and email and welcome your inquiries. Order fulfillment and product releases remain on schedule, per our regular responsive and prompt program.

Our Seattle Store Location remains open By-Appointment Only, Tuesday through Saturday for all in-store shopping, upon every half hour, for approximately one hour of service per party in order to provide an elevated and personalized shopping experience in typical Division Road style. You may schedule an appointment via phone, email, or at the bottom of our website through our booking system that is seamlessly integrated into our site and store procedures.

Curbside Pick-up

Curbside Pick-up is available for any online purchase. During checkout select Pick-up rather than Ship. Once the order has been placed you will be notified when it’ll be ready for curbside pick-up during business hours. Call us upon arrival at Division Road and we’ll meet you outside with your goods. Please note this is a delivery option for your orders, and if you wish to try-on, exchange, or return, those are in-store services and please Book an Appointment so we can preserve our proven sanitation and distancing practices.

Appointment Service

Our By-Appointment service allows us to limit exposure from the general public and maintain social distancing along with best cleaning and sanitation practices, while providing a high level of service for safe and sound shopping for our customers, team members, and remote clientele. Per appointment, we disinfect all working surfaces, devices, handles, seating, and exposed fixtures. We wash hands correctly and frequently, keep an extremely hygienic and clean environment, and have instituted many protection measures to ensure the safety for our customers and team.

We do ask that you wear a face covering when shopping, and all Division Road team members will be wearing U-Masks. Disposable face masks will be provided if needed, along with hand sanitizer and washroom access. If feeling unwell, possibly exposed to coronavirus, or running a temperature, please do not schedule an appointment. If you experience any of the aforementioned issues, you can cancel your appointment through your confirmation emails or by contacting us directly via phone or email.

Health Improvements

In April 2020, Division Road installed a Commercial Air Purification System within our HVAC unit along with utilizing higher rated MERV filters. After researching various methods of purifying air with the goal of killing bacteria, mold, and viruses we determined the best system that combines UV, Oxidation Plasma, Ionized Hydro-peroxides, Super Oxide Ions, and Hydroxide Ions, which are all friendly air oxidizers that pose no health risk yet sanitize the air and surfaces. The RGF Advanced Oxidation Technology used has been proven through over 25 years of implementation and is approved and in use by the US Military, among many other international governmental and medical facilities. Along with proven reduction rates of 99.99% surface bacteria/virus, 97% airborne bacteria/mold, and 85% VOC, this system will even kill 99% of microbes in human sneezes within 3 feet.

Further, Division Road partnered with U-Mask to offer the only reusable Biotech mask on the market that is antiproliferative and self-sanitizing, made possible by utilizing a four-layer filter that leverages proprietary technology to block air contaminants from the outside, destroy them inside, and filter upon inhale and exhale. Produced entirely in Italy with sustainable and effective materials, the U-Mask cover is made of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon recycled from ocean plastic and pairs with a proprietary filter above N95/FFP3 rated that offers guaranteed results for at least 150-200 hours of effective use, yielding extremely comfortable, next-level protection for prolonged periods for time. Our exclusive DRA Model Two U-Masks are worn by all team members, along with being available online and in-store to arm our style soldiers with proper PPE against infection and impurity with stoic service for a healthier world. 

Continue the Journey

We have made it through a rough year by operating at the very high professional standards we hold ourselves to in all regards, despite set-backs, road-blocks, and a flood of uncertainty. This core tenet of always looking to preserve and persevere by doing more and doing it better has allowed us to progress through the last year. The Division Road team is three individuals, and this business is the lifeblood of our livelihood, supports a niche of authentically made quality goods, and in turn is a driver of prosperity for many throughout our supply chains and partnerships.

Over the year we have kept our team fully employed and protected, supported our vendors to continue to operate, improved our website from infrastructure to content offerings, contributed to our local community, kept to our regularly scheduled release program, developed some amazing collaborations, and continue to offer some of the best goods in the niche. Crucially, by grinding through this disorienting period, Division Road has been focused on the horizon, diligently working on some exciting developments that we’re launching this year and next that will advance our brand, operations, and customer experience.

Our goal is not to change our niche, but to exemplify how retail can be conducted at the highest level. Whether goods or services, we will continue to look at how to take the proven and treasured old-world methods and infuse that approach with new conceptions that will be exciting, rewarding and interesting, in our constant aim to provide, and be, the best in the business. It’s been a very difficult road to traverse in a matured industry, but we are looking to create a lasting impact on this journey ahead.

We are deeply grateful and honored by all of our clients who have supported us through these odd days in order to achieve stability and move forward. With your continued patronage and loyalty, we will evolve to the next phase to provide even more robust offerings, access, and venues whether it be online, in-store, or a destination down the Road...