Shopping Bag

Twelve Boots of Xmas

Technically, and we tend to be fairly technical around here, the Twelve Days of Christmas start on the 25th and proceed thereafter. So to honor this tradition, rather than doing some charming or quirky thing like re-writing the song to suit our purposes, or integrating it into the theme, we simply took some of our Division Road exclusives to our mysterious Northwest Forest to bring you the Twelve Boots of Christmas...for the day of, and the days thereafter.

If you didn't get a Partridge, Pear Tree, Geese, Rings, Swans, or any other ridiculousness, here are the boots you want, need, or just think you should have. Apparently, the current cost index for the gifts of the Twelve Days of Christmas is over $34,000, and at any rate who would want those things? With that monetary logic, you could buy all Twelve Boots of Christmas and still have some money left over.