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Winter Workshop Ready

S.N.S. Herning, Andersen-Andersen, Iron Heart


Releases from S.N.S. Herning, Andersen-Andersen, and Iron Heart

This week, as the temperatures snap and wardrobes are assessed for seasonal appropriateness, we’re bringing proper winter wares with warmth, durability, and character to take you from the workshop to the woods in new-heritage style. From the Scandinavian-based Andersen-Andersen and S.N.S. Herning, we have fashion-friendly knitwear that can be worn as staples, and Iron Heart brings us the last two Ultra Heavy Flannels of the season along with an all-natural Organic Chambray Work Shirt for Japan’s best-built, updated Americana. No need to despair about the cold air and post-holiday malaise — we’re keeping the hits of heritage rolling through the New Year with limited releases of signature pieces perfectly timed for the changing seasonal conditions.

S.N.S. Herning

As a follow-up to our introduction of this all-star knitwear producer, we have two limited mélange yarn releases that give these multi-dimensional knits even cooler character for temperate, immediately comfortable, and distinctly stylish pieces. Engineering meets design with the classic and iconic Stark Cardigan fashioned after seafaring sweaters and updated for the city streets, coming in the Residual Black Mélange. Fresh and modern workwear takes form in the new Radial Jacket, uniquely crafted in a Midnight Green Mélange double waffle pique-styled knit for an inspired perspective on a classic. These two S.N.S. pieces convey tangible luxury via texture, dimension, comfort, and quality with trademark bobble knitting and proprietary jacquard looms.


The ranking captains of naval-grade knitwear, Andersen-Andersen, have completed the voyage to create the best examples of vintage-inspired sweaters that somehow are more timeless than the originals. The indispensable Half and Full Zip Sweaters are back in hand-linked and fully fashioned glory using an exclusively developed extra spun, long fiber new Merino wool yarn dyed in indigo, saturated signature colors, or left in the natural sheep’s shear to create beautifully made pieces that have unmatched longevity, comfort, and weather-beating properties. In a classic and distinguished palette of Natural Taupe, Royal Blue, Hunting Green, and Dark Indigo, we have all the daily and durable desirables for you to discover your new favorite sweater.

Iron Heart

It’s Heavy Flannel and Work Shirt season from Iron Heart, and with our curatorial eye, you can expect a precise presentation of the finest hard-duty shirting on the planet. This drop of two 12 oz. Flannel Westerns features the new Slubby Heavy Flannel in a dynamic and textured Grey Herringbone Check that pairs with the classic Ultra Heavy Flannel in a bold and modern Red Ombre Check. For the sturdy and staple, we give you the new 10 oz. Organic Cotton Chambray Work Shirts in Mocha and Red with a sulfur-dyed slubby textured yarn, allowing a soft, weathered finish and fading potential in a superior base layer made for serious business.