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Up-Production Release

Viberg x DR, Nine Lives, Iron Heart


Division Road Up-Production Release

Collaboration and Releases with Viberg, Nine Lives, and Iron Heart

With a legacy-infused vision of the future, we have a curation of goods from our cult brands that specialize in elevating and evolving. Within the heritage arena we see a lot of vintage reproductions with the aim of making them as close as possible to the original. Then there are those who look to take things to the next level in terms of fabric, fit, and design to Up-Produce rather than Re-Produce. Viberg, Nine Lives, and Iron Heart are archetypal leaders in this sphere of new-classic goods that have broader style and function applications for the modern wardrobe. These leaders of design and production create pieces that push beyond the antiquated, to endure for a lifetime of tomorrows.

Each brand from this release pushes the envelope in their own regard: Viberg takes fresh eyes to re-working historical pieces into footwear that will persist both durably and stylistically, Nine Lives remixes inspirations and production techniques into high fashion heritage, and Iron Heart cuts and sews ridiculously heavy and unique materials into adapted style artillery just to prove they can. For those craft collectors looking to the future and the kind of gent that likes his pieces to go beyond the standard, here is a host of heritage goods that upgrade tradition while staying true to the undeniable quality of time-tested techniques and materials.

Division Road Viberg

Division Road Up-Production Release

Viberg x Division Road

Once again illustrating design and production all wrapped into one enterprise, we present an ultra-limited collaboration run with Viberg. The Black Split Horsebutt Side Zip Boot fuses elements of fashion, moto, and military into another old-souled icon made for the modern maven. Featuring a rare hide development from one of Italy’s premier tanneries that exhibits the shine of shell that fades to flesh in a semi-distressed and dressed leather, the result is a sweeping variety of grain character. Formed on the elegant riding boot 2050 Last that contrasts yet is perfectly joined with a dutiful 360 Natural Storm Welt and 5-Iron Midsole and then feathered into a Vibram 705 Split Sole, the outcome is a battle-ready boot with a moto-maverick edge.

Division Road Nine Lives

Division Road Up-Production Release

Nine Lives

Nine Lives established a new classification of avant-garde by taking heritage garments and deconstructing them to bring out the best elements while maintaining the soul of the original. Once again, the enigmatic “Pirates of Production” deliver a poetry of style fused into an outstanding piece of outerwear. This singular piece is crafted from a unique suiting grade Japanese Super 120’s worsted Melton Wool in an ingeniously relaxed, yet tailored modern fit. The Kiltartan’s Poor Melton Bomber is a glimpse into the future by ways of the past, taking style references from flight jackets, naval peacoats, and chronicled menswear. For high flying poets armed with obscure reference points, this is an unclassifiable standout style for the unconventional uniform.

Division Road Iron Heart

Iron Heart

This road, war, and ranch ready collection of core classics is accompanied with a slew of innovative fabric developments in signature Iron Heart styles that embody the brand’s better than original, over the top productions. Fresh off the range for our road warriors of style, the Split Steer Roughout Modified Type III is designed to patina from dusty paths and roaming adventures. Then, for the battles of the forum frontlines, a set of beastly Westerns in our new favorite sulfur dyed Military Serge Twill are sure to win the clash over craftsmanship. Finally, the newer “least heavy” 14 oz. denim made with the venerable Iron Heart dual twisted weft yarn that's loomed in a moderate tension, comes in Black and Indigo combinations destined for legendary high contrast forthcoming fades.

  • Division Road Up-Production Release
  • Division Road Up-Production Release
  • Division Road Up-Production Release