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The Patina Post - 3rd Edition

Division Road


Division Road Patina Post

The Patina Post - 3rd Edition Another Era of Evolution

After many miles of use and a quick boot brush, we bring you the third edition of our annual publication, The Patina Post. When you first step into the world of fully re-buildable handgrade footwear, it can be hard sometimes to imagine exactly what a week, month, or year of wear looks like. Hence, we have documented the evolutions in color, character, and shape to show you how this high grade of footwear breaks-in rather than breaks down.

  • Patina Post Division Road
  • Patina Post Division Road
  • Patina Post Division Road

With before-and-after evolutions, care instructions, and the wearer’s background included in this Guidebook feature, we hope to provide the information you need to embark on your own style journey. You will witness firsthand how all natural materials develop traits unique to their travels and partners. Dive into the details and get prepared for your next pair of boots, as you see the transformation of footwear that manages to impress from the Division Road and onward.
The Patina Post