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Shell Shelby Sharp

Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaboration

Following last week, we have an earth shattering foundational footwear release that is sure to similarly shake the ground. In true Division Road style, we present a Holy Grail Horween Shell Shelby Sharp edition to our most covetable Viberg collaboration that follows the WWI solider-turned-underground-emperor story line of the infamous Thomas Shelby.

Combining trench warfare specs with courthouse elegance, this commanding boot is made in a rare Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan reminiscent of vintage militaria that’s sleek and sturdy with its eye catching, high gloss finish and color changing patina properties. Horween’s Shell is the most durable natural material available, derived from the fibrous muscle on the hind area of a horse, which is then Cordovan tanned, hot stuffed, hand-dyed and glazed with artisanal attention and excellence in a process that takes over six months to complete.

To further its vintage look, this Dark Cognac exudes a classic and aged quality with a subtle glow reminiscent of decades past with a natural edge enhanced by customized brogue and pinking details on the higher-quartered pattern to communicate a cutthroat business formality with military-issue resilience. Assembled on the sophisticated officer-dress 2030 Last with the elevated and rugged specifications of a natural leather 360 storm welt and midsole atop a Commando sole for traction, the boot is Goodyear welted for time-tested refinement and durability. All parts considered, the Shell Shelby is a hard-hitting, vintage powerhouse.