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Shelby Sharp Release

Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaborations

In styles so good they’re criminal, we bring you the Shelby Sharp release, straight from the early 1900's streets of Birmingham and inspired by the acclaimed Peaky Blinders series. For this collaboration project with Viberg we bring a collection fit for the rising taste level of Thomas Shelby, who expanded his influence in the British underworld with a hardened heart and an iron fist. Similar to a life of crime, we find that these era-specific materials and designs continuously find ways to draw us back in.

Division Road Shelby Sharp Release

Seeing as our protagonist is a horse-racing mobster, we found it fit to apply the Asphalt Horsebutt leather on the new Shelby Sharp, a completely new pattern developed by Division Road and Viberg. As a pairing, a Covert Cloth Cap in a hardwearing, military-grade riding fabric, the fix is in for elegant yet austere style made with heritage excellence. From top to toe, these treasures combine Canadian craft with English dress for a

Division Road Shelby Sharp Release


Shelby Sharp Brogue Boot

In this new evolution of one of our most coveted collaborations, we reworked Viberg’s Brogue Boot to create a new pattern exclusive to Division Road, with a clean aesthetic and pinking details throughout. This limited batch Asphalt Horsebutt from Italy contains a foggy olive undertone paired with a deep charcoal overtone that has shell-like qualities with natural patina potential. Featuring a stained black leather welt and midsole, blind eyelets, and French binding, it culminates in equal parts classy and sinister.

Division Road Shelby Sharp Release

VIBERG X Division Road Covert Cloth Cap

Covert Cloth Cap

This collaboration Covert Cloth Cap marries past and present by using a Fox Brother’s fabric that's so good it's literally at home in the V&A museum. Originally developed in the 1900’s as a military grade protective material, Covert Cloth wool is heavily worsted and milled, making this 19 oz. fabric incredibly flexible, sophisticated, and war ready. Finished with a black Shell Cordovan strap from Horween on antiqued hardware, the resulting cap is luxury headgear for the modern day goodfella.