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International Americana Release

MotivMfg x DR, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage, Benzak x DR


Collaborations and Releases with MotivMfg, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage, and Benzak Denim Developers

Americana goes beyond a national identity to an internationally adopted ethos that communicates purpose through style. Finding its roots in work and western wear with a well-defined palette and durability, Americana is made to meet the duties of the day in the industries that represent the development of our nation. Through evolution, this stylistic personality has retained its signature casual aesthetic, yet has broadened through multi-cultural influences that reinterpret our 20th century history of military, agriculture, collegiate, and workwear originals.

Many of the finest examples of heritage goods embody a key component of the American ideal of forging one’s own way, and the garments that are required to do so. Nowadays, not only are these goods produced within our own borders, but come from Europe, Japan, and elsewhere around the globe. Hence, we present a curated collection of collaborations with MotivMfg and Benzak Denim Developers, along with some special staples from Iron Heart and Gitman Vintage, to represent the best of quality garments that honor the stoic sense of duty and purpose encapsulated in Americana style.

MotivMfg x Division Road

From the premier European tailor trained workshop in Beijing, we have two outerwear collaborations with MotivMfg. Soon to be icons inspired by the past and re-fashioned for the future, the Stone Military Waxed Canvas Deacon Flight Jacket borrows elements from WWII high altitude flight suits, and the Olive Drab Reversed Bedford Corduroy Type-1 Shipyard Jacket is influenced by industrial era dock workers.

Iron Heart

Iron Heart comes to our shores from Japan with a fresh Fleece Lined 17 oz. Natural Indigo Selvedge Denim Modified Type III Trucker jacket for one of the finest examples of iconic 60’s style. For a denim tandem we have a restock on our favorite 12 oz. Selvedge Denim Western that boasts Iron Heart’s perfected all-season for all-duty details and next-level construction using Permex snaps and a paneled yoke, and is fully chainstitched throughout.

Gitman Vintage

Representing Americana within our borders as one of the last one-roof shirting manufacturers with an authentic legacy, we have two medium weight Gitman Vintage button-downs made in special fabric recipes. Loomed in Japan with a Khaki on Navy Herringbone Check in a unique Cotton Tweed fabrication along with a classic Red and Cream Check on an Indigo dyed field, we present a new take on two flannels with a vintage vibe.

Benzak Denim Developers x Division Road

Benzak comes from the Netherlands via Japanese production, and in our Division Road developed High Tapered 711 fit we have a small restock of the Black + Ecru and Indigo + Indigo, which is the final opportunity to nab these exclusives. What’s more, we have a brilliant collectable collaboration between Benzak and Japan Blue in the tried-and-true JBJ Mid Tapered cut using an astounding hand-selected Cote d’Ivoire organic cotton in the proprietary Monster Selvedge denim that properly commemorates 10 years of production partnership.

Whether working the docks, ranch, or library, this week’s release is comprised of garments that embody the influences of our past through pieces that will evolve to tell future tales. By using the ingredients of traditional techniques, fabrics, details, and styles coupled with refinements by the best around the globe, heritage goods have evolved into versions far better than the originals. As such, we present this intercontinental cabal of manufacturing brands that make goods to record your own historical progress.