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White’s x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we’re excited to expand our White’s collaboration line-up with two Christy Cruisers that reflect heavy-duty and hand-made craft with a street to factory floor disposition. Using a well-tested formula, we created a cohesive pairing of unique styles using signature Horween leathers complemented with heavyweight contrasting upper stitching and coordinated hardware. Both Cruisers are advanced with our exclusive matched Natural CXL welt to Natural Leather midsole design atop the Vibram 4014 Christy sole made with a hard compound and an aggressive tread for all-day standing, striding, and strenuous activities from concrete pounding to pouring. These hard duty kicks are molded on the accommodative 55 Last, one of the best work boot fits in the business, with an unstructured toe for a sleek profile to a roomy and rounded toe box. Built by one bootmaker through bottoming with all-leather builds, these Cruisers boast a progressive, refined style.

Black CXL Christy Cruiser 350

Built to withstand the harshest of duties while balancing a character-rich, heritage-street style, the Black CXL Cruiser collaboration is a cleanly crafted boot with high contrast detailing. Bridging the style gap with formidable workmanship, this make-up is designed to anchor vintage inspired and forward ensembles with inspirations that infuse moto, workwear, streetstyle, militaria, and a wide range of influences to find itself equally at home on the corner or in the workshop.

Natural Waxed Flesh Christy Cruiser 350

With our first-round restock on what has become a shop favorite, we’ve given an urban character to a pattern commonly associated with the outdoors by leveraging tonal and textured elements that command a natural poise. A few things allow immense versatility in a wardrobe, and a neutral boot with powerful design subtleties, sleek proportions that balance any silhouette or fit preference, and a robust build that can handle any conditions with grace is one of them.