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Honoring Heritage Release

Tricker's x DR, Dehen 1920, National Athletic Goods


Collaboration and Releases with Tricker's, Dehen 1920, and National Athletic Goods

We're bringing you some of our tried and true brands that are authentic heritage producers who stay relevant today by adapting styles through elevated craftsmanship. Classics are such because they never go out of style, always stay in rotation, and are great wardrobe additions for anyone, from the minimalist to the collector.

Division Road Honoring Heritage Release

Staple pieces don't have to be boring, just versatile. This week's selection is an expression of the fact that exceptional goods are adaptable to any style journey. Each one of these brands produces collectable classics: from the originator of the English Country Boot, the Canadian mock twist masters, to Oregon's own cult moto-club and collegiate collaborator.

  • Division Road Honoring Heritage Release

At Division Road, we have a perspective that true sustainability is buying once and style, outside of trend, can be transformative, enabled by interchangeable and iconic pieces that are entrenched in history. So, for your next wardrobe additions, remember they can be durable and delightful from makers who honor their heritage.

Division Road Honoring Heritage Release

Tricker's x Division Road

Back in their full burnished calf glory, our core-exclusive Acorn Antique Stow Boot collaboration speaks directly to the Tricker’s DNA of applying refined craftsmanship and finishing to an outdoor-ready build utilizing traditional techniques that are seldom found beyond our favorite factory in Northampton. From the hallmark English golden-toned leather, storm-ready natural Barbour welt, oak tanned 9-iron natural midsole, and indestructible all-terrain Goodyear Commando sole, this boot embodies the rugged and refined aesthetic of true foundational footwear.

Division Road Honoring Heritage Release

Dehen 1920

This near century-old knitwear and outerwear specialist has been able to stay viable by developing a collection of styles that are fresh but rooted in the company's past by utilizing elevated workwear materials with old world production techniques. In that vein, we bring you the new Mechanics Jacket that's inspired by Dehen's long standing history of producing custom pieces for both cult clubs and major manufacturers of the motorcycle and automotive communities. Made in a Japanese Cotton Canvas, both the classic and clean Navy and the tastefully old Gold embroidered Black jackets are sure to become new classics for the ride-or-die guy in all of us.

Division Road Honoring Heritage Release

National Athletic Goods

Inspired by mid-century American sportswear, National Athletic Goods has an international perspective of producing timeless goods. By sourcing true mock twist mélange yarns that are woven into their proprietary jersey and terry cloths in Japan, which are cut-and-sewn into garments in Canada, NAG utilizes a yarn-to-garment method to make the best new-vintage basics. In this fall collection of hefty and heated Tee Shirts and Sweats, each has a luxury feel better than the original, but is made with the same durable performance and styling of yesteryear's in incredibly rich Olive, Wine, and Old Gold color palettes along with the textured and tonal depth of character in mélange Grey and Black.