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Fall Fundamentals

Dehen 1920 x DR, Iron Heart, Shockoe Atelier


 Division Road Fall Fundamentals

Collaboration and New Releases from Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, and Shockoe Atelier

This week, we bring you a classic collection of provisions from Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, and Shockoe Atelier, representing some of our core producers that create quality heritage goods for fall and all seasons beyond. Each one of these manufacturing brands is considered a top tier maker within their discipline, and for good cause. The pieces included in this curated ensemble are as stylistically unique as they are functionally versatile, forming a foundation of fundamentals to carry you effortlessly through all conditions.

Division Road Fall Fundamentals Dehen 1920

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Leading this procession is a knitwear and outerwear specialist we all know and love. Consistently giving us solid revisions on the classics, this week’s Dehen 1920 pieces are modern yet nostalgic. The new Varsity Jacket comes in a Brown Melton Wool and Premium Black Cowhide Leather combination with subtle striping throughout to hallmark Dehen’s 60-year-old tradition. The Melton Wool Crissman Overshirt boasts a perfected cut and details and comes in a new Oatmeal colorway, reinforcing why it’s the best in the market. Lastly, we present a Division Road Knit Chore Coat with some 2.0 revisions including streamlined pocketing and slight body refinements for an improved fit with layering potential. Coming in a complex Goldmine yarn, this Knit Chore Coat will add an aged brass brilliance to any ensemble.

Division Road Fall Fundamentals Iron Heart

Iron Heart

Iron Heart is known for several things, but the baseline appeal for their cult following is their groundwork in amazing proprietary fabric developments, often in extremely heavy weights with unique compositions. Starting in denim and then expanding their expertise, Iron Heart shirting has become the best in the workwear arena by applying unparalleled fabrics to their perfected Work Shirt and Western patterns. As such, we bring you Iron Heart’s immensely popular Ultra Heavy Flannel Work Shirt using the venerable Aspero Cotton fiber in a limited Kelly Green Tartan. Next in the lineup is a special staple and one of our favorites. The Chambray Work Shirt uses a Mock-Twist yarn that gives the commonly static fabric a natural elasticity and deep color variation, along with the heft associated with this maker of masterpieces.

Division Road Fall Fundamentals Shockoe Atelier

Shockoe Atelier

To conclude this week’s collection, we are pleased to bring back Shockoe Atelier, a manufacturer that represents some of the finest luxury-oriented, premium selvedge denim in the business, made just down the road in their Richmond, VA workshop. Whereas most selvedge denim brands in the US outsource their production, Shockoe is one of the few one-roof producers; in addition, they leverage an Italian tailoring approach that renders the product free of frills and excess. Re-launching our offerings with the classic Kojima denim from Collect Mills, these jeans come in a balanced combination of a slight slub with a silvery sheen, in a refined and consistent fabric. Guaranteed to break in to be a damn fine daily jean, this revival from Shockoe comes in both the Standard and Slim fits to cover the gamut of body types and style profiles.

  • Division Road Fall Fundamentals Dehen 1920 Shockoe Atelier Iron Heart
  • Division Road Fall Fundamentals Dehen 1920 Shockoe Atelier Iron Heart
  • Division Road Fall Fundamentals Dehen 1920 Shockoe Atelier Iron Heart

All in all, these fall fundamentals made possible by our proud provisioners will elevate a wardrobe to the next level or will be superb additions to an already impressive arsenal. Regardless of your collecting status or journey through the field of vintage-inspired goods, here’s an opportunity to collect a variety of pieces that are guaranteed to be in regular rotation this season and beyond.