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Distinguished for Duty

Iron Heart, Momotaro, Viberg


New Releases from Iron Heart, Momotaro, and Viberg

Taking a direction towards goods made for rough and tumble duties that can be cleaned up for a night out on the town, this week we bring you some of the most distinguished cult manufacturing brands in heritage with works from Iron Heart, Momotaro, and Viberg. These makers possess a commitment to constantly improve productions within a traditional framework about craftsmanship and the utility of goods that become better through years of heavy use. We have an Iron Heart collection to carry you from the workshop to weekends, we’re pleased to introduce Momotaro to our mix with various fits and fabrics, and we give you one final Viberg release before a respite from any special make-ups. All in, this curation of wearable collectables typifies the trailblazers of stylish and dutiful craft.

Iron Heart

Here’s a big drop of over built, medium weight goods appropriate for those who like their garments to be dutiful in the warm weather of spring and summer, and nicely broken in for fall through winter. For outerwear we have the new Chore Jacket and Modified Type III that come in variations of the signature 14 oz. Selvedge Denim using the proprietary dual twisted weft yarn method to yield durable and comfortable pieces. Also, we bring you a wide range of Work and Western shirting in limited and seasonal fabrics including a new 6 oz. Unbrushed Flannel, 10 oz. Overdyed Denim, and the perfect all-year 9 oz. Indigo Dyed Flannel.


Finally at Division Road, we are pleased to bring you an informed selection of Momotaro that is “made by hand without compromise” using artisan techniques, low speed looming, and vintage machinery resulting in some of Japan’s finest jeans. As a representation of the fits you will see from us, we introduce the 0306 Tight Tapered as a sleek cut in steely fades achieved with Indigo x Black denim along with the 0405 High Tapered and new 0605 Natural Tapered in the revered 15.7 oz. Vintage Denim made with Zimbabwe cotton and deep indigo rope dyeing for dark, crisp fabric that will fade with the majesty that only a Momotaro can.


In what will be our last Viberg release for some time, we are pleased to present the Rowdy Dachshund Wholecut Boot as nod to the journey of this Canadian creator, from fully industrial logging boot manufacturing exclusively using stitchdown construction on a handful of patterns and over the top component weights, to nowadays producing distinguished dress casual styles. This Wholecut boot is a prime example of how Viberg has evolved and features a single piece of leather for the upper, a cork fill and wood shank within a traditional channeled insole, and Goodyear welting atop a Ridgeway sole.