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Cosmopolitan Camouflage Collection

The Workers Club x DR, De Bonne Facture x DR, Gitman Vintage x DR, Shockoe x DR, Studio D’Artisan


Collaborations and Releases with The Workers Club, De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, Shockoe, and Studio D’Artisan

This week, for all our cosmopolitan collectors we have a blast of armaments that afford complex and layered looks in an earthy palette, good for blending into nature during outdoor expeditions or for standing out when going out. This curation includes an onslaught of color and theme coordinated collaborations from across the globe that blend traditional craftsmanship with classic styles from The Workers Club, De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, and Shockoe, along with some special releases from Studio D’Artisan. With almost every category of apparel and production ranging from the UK, France, Japan and the United States, this presentation is the complete picture of a single uniform aesthetic that allows you to effortlessly combine heritage goods, bridging eras and international influences into inspired, individual, and unique modern ensembles.

The Workers Club x Division Road

In our second capsule collection of convertible outerwear with The Workers Club, we focus on all-season functionality by using specially sourced cotton and waxed canvas fabrics for these Division Road patterns, adapted in detail and design. The Field Jacket comes in one of our favorite Waxed Canvas articles from British Millerain that yields a balance of long-term durability, comfort, and patina. In the same Field Jacket pattern designed for the adventurous covert, coming in the one of a kind TWC Proprietary Camouflage Waxed Canvas produced by Halley Stevensons, is a full-fledged style piece. The Shell Parka is reintroduced in a workwear inspired Nicotine Brown, and the collection is completed with the ultimate Utility Gilet layering piece that we’ve made reversible in a Brisbane Moss Corduroy and Brushed Twill for various outfit coordinations or zip-in insulations.

The Workers Club x Division Road 005 Relaxed Tapered

The first collaboration conversation we had with The Workers Club was about the work and relationship they had developed with an elite wash house in Okayama that has a catalog of the finest distressed denims in the business. We then set out to develop a modern relaxed tapered fit with a medium rise, roomy seat, and moderate thigh, completed with a perfectly tapered leg and narrow hem. In the quest for the ideal version of a luxury-leaning distressed jean, we pulled out our favorite archive piece with about two years of wear as a reference point for mildly evolved denim that leaves enough indigo to allow deeper characteristics to develop unique to the wearer. In collaboration with this artisan workshop and through multiple testing and samples, we developed a precise fade patterning and tone for hand-finished knee creases, whisking, and distressed detailing graded by size in order to match up to all body types most accurately, all uniquely produced out of a legendary 13.5 oz Kuroki Mills Selvedge Denim.

De Bonne Facture x Division Road

Coming back are several tried and true collaborations with De Bonne Facture, which are subtle style pieces that communicate how traditional craft and luxury convene. Using an approach that matches ours and leveraging superior materials with a focus on sustainability and traceability along with crafting exclusively in Ateliers throughout western Europe that have a focused specialty often passed down for generations, De Bonne Facture produces exquisite and extraordinary garments that have to be experienced to be understood. Designed with a French fashion meets workwear formula, our collaboration CPO-inspired Taupe Check Washed Wool Linen Overshirt is a versatile, four-season staple and is paired with the ivy, mod, and directional styling possibilities provided by the Knit Sweater Vest.

Gitman Vintage x Division Road

Coming back in full force by popular demand is our exclusive Japanese Camouflage Oxford with Gitman Vintage that tells our collection’s palette story through the stylish contradiction of a dress-casual button down printed in a military pattern on a refined, rare, and durable broadcloth. As special as it is striking, this limited Japanese milled oxford cloth is overdyed for deep color saturation and printed in the classic, organically shaped woodland pattern inspired by the outdoors in a Charcoal, Brown, and new Navy that will age with a casual sophistication. These exclusive-to-Division Road camo button downs are designed to provide amazing foundations for the collector, minimalist, or sartorialist to assemble outfits aimed at blending various style influences for daily expeditions through the city or backwoods.

Studio D’Artisan

After a hiatus of shirting offerings from Studio D’Artisan, we come back with the classic western pattern that hallmarks the original style in detailing and a slim cut that works for various body types in the collectable Amami Dorozome Mud Dyed Denim that is as rare as it is exceptional. Using a traditional 1,300-year-old Dorozome mud dyeing method, which is performed in the local iron rich soil baths of the small island of Amami-Oshima where this technique was invented, completely natural extracts are derived from the sap, wood chips, and mulch of the native Japanese Hawthorne tree. The result is a saturated, mildly distressed color that will patina dramatically and a fabric with a uniquely natural hand. This is simply one of the coolest Westerns made and infuses ancient and modern along with east and west into a daily wearable piece.

Shockoe x Division Road

Headlining our cosmopolitan camouflage collection is the Tiger Stripe Camo Fatigue Trouser designed in collaboration with our Shockoe army out of RVA. This completely new pant pattern takes the military inspiration of BDU Field Trousers and retains the overall classic and functional fit principals while slimming and tapering them to be an attractive and comfortable silhouette for all body types. Reworking all the pocketing from the patch slant front and the buttoned back, and adding a new utility knife pocket on the leg, these trousers are made with a tailor’s approach to workwear and boast an impeccably balanced design. Finally, we sourced the best all-season Tiger Stripe Camouflage Twill fabric from Japan in classic Black and a rare but indispensable Desert to establish approachable wardrobe singularities.