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Blackout Week + Viberg Factory Tour

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Blackout Week

In light of the George Floyd tragedy, and out of a deep respect for lives and livelihoods lost recently and throughout this country’s history, we’ve paused our normal program this week and we will not be doing a release today. Through this calamity there has been a monumental and renewed focus on major issues that have plagued our society for a long time. At a fundamental level, these matters deserve the necessary space for study, contemplation, and action from ALL of us.

Peaceful, purposeful, and strategic dissidence is the lifeblood and literal foundation of the United States. The fact of the matter is that the events of the last week are complex and layered, with many good, bad, and subversive parties, which is typical around racial and social issues in our country. We support the rule of law, as that is how justice is delivered, yet we have irrefutable and complex failures in that system that need to be rectified. Hence, we do not think an uncontextualized post on social media or a limited description of various issues plaguing America is a valuable approach to addressing systemic problems. A restoration of true democracy requires unity, which will only be achieved through reasoned reflection, followed by comprehensive dialogue and action.

Frankly, being fundamentally unable to have an absolute understanding of the Black American Experience, we think shouting our point of view at this moment is insincere and counterproductive. This is the moment for Black voices to be heard, and for the rest of us to listen, read, learn, feel, educate, discuss, analyze and act accordingly. To our Black friends, family, customers, and community: we do now, and always have heard and stand united with you, deeply aware of the grievous actualities of America’s history and today’s realities. Division Road does have deep links to affected communities at our foundation and an authentic perspective; we will respond with considered action, consistent to our informed approach that will be constructive, when we feel the time is appropriate to do so.

Division Road

Viberg Factory Tour - Part 2

Instead of a product release, this week we're presenting an extensive content feature that debuts video integration into our website through a rare inside look from our Viberg Factory Tour – Part 2 journal, which also offers a preview of next week’s Viberg x Division Road Shelby Sharp collaboration.

From our initial Viberg Factory Tour journal entry almost four years ago, what follows is a long overdue update on a partnership with and stewardship of this manufacturing brand. From our initial launch of six make-ups with this cult collector favorite to well over thirty exclusive collaborations at any given time along with our shared core identities and values towards design, production, and visions about the business, we continue to evolve through working in close concert. In that period of time, with a footwear-first position to wardrobes, our educational service approach, and collectable curations, we have grown into Viberg’s largest stocklist worldwide, by a considerable margin. We align with Viberg’s goal to simply make the best boots and shoes in the world on all fronts and it is at the core of why we work so closely with them and continue to acquire more and more institutional knowledge to translate to our clients and community.

The Viberg journey from solely existing as a premium work boot maker to standing on the intersection of fashion and heritage has been a fringe movement. While always focused on aesthetics, a big portion of the advancement of the brand and product has taken place inside the build and within the processes of manufacturing. This is made possible by using materials that are of a weight that breaks in rather than breaks down, and assembling via time honored techniques employed by skilled and trained craftspeople. To constantly invest in these improvements that are not apparent from the exterior and are challenging to leverage through communication shows a core virtue of pridefully making the best footwear possible within their walls, giving customers far more value than the competitors can even conceive of offering, all whilst advancing considered, enriched aesthetic design.

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